New Music: Marsha Ambrosius f/ Busta Rhymes – ‘Far Away (Remix)’

Marsha Ambrosius and Busta Rhymes

Marsha Ambrosius flies “Far Away” with Busta Rhymes on the remix to her Late Nights & Early Mornings single. The ballad, produced by Just Blaze, features a new verse from Bussa Buss that shows off his sensitive side. “Intriguing how the body, the heart, and the mind works/ Undescribable love like witnessing a childbirth/ Defining the hugs you give that leaves a divine thirst/ That feeling that makes me think before I speak and smile first,” he raps before Marsh takes over. Spread your wings and listen below.

Marsha Ambrosius f/ Busta Rhymes – “Far Away (Remix)”


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  1. Mike504

    I believe Busta missed the whole point of the song if you listen to his verse. Sorry Buss, you should’ve left this one alone.


    Nait Phoenix Reply:

    @Mike504, I don’t know. I think he hit the nail on the head as well as he could. It doesn’t add much, I’ll add, but it’s not a bad addition.


    sylkk Reply:

    @Nait Phoenix, are both of yall serious? did yall even pay attention Buss lyrics? there couldnt be a better verse. He captured the whole point of the song in a different dimension and I believe both of yall should take another listen and yall might get it. Great song


    Tommy Reply:

    @Mike504, I agree. He did miss the entire point of the song. Nothing in his lyrics described suicide. He should have listened to the song before adding his bars.


  2. J-Rock

    Ummmm…it’s about suicide. Black people stay ignorant!


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  4. Boss Lady

    The song isn’t necessarily about suicide. Its more about expressing her love and longing for him after he is gone, after he committed suicide. Busta Rhymes got to the feeling of the song with wanting and missing some one, like Marsha did…


  5. Sofaraway

    I agree with Boss Lady – Busta makes the song relatable because I had no idea it was about suicide not having seen the video but listening to the words also describe the feeling of loss and hopelessness for someone you put so much into, but couldn’t make it through whatever situation with you. Suicide is the worst case scenario since it seems like an end state, but the feeling is still real …especially how Busta proclaims being in the same physical state/location and can’t see each other (because whatever barriers exist).


  6. soontobemrs.

    Loving this addition! Busta gave this song a welcomed new twist! Way to go! Things don’t always have to be that deep!


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