Trailer: Cory Gunz in MTV’s ‘Son of a Gun’

Young Money’s Cory Gunz invites viewers into his world in his MTV docu-series “Son of a Gun,” following his struggle to make a name for himself in the hip-hop world. Executive produced by Nick Cannon, the reality show documents the “6 Foot 7 Foot” rapper’s business moves, exposing his relationship with his father-manager Peter Gunz and the drama that goes down behind the scenes. Gear up for the show’s premiere on April 28 at 11 p.m. by watching the trailer.


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  1. Trey

    Something about this looks so scripted. Maybe because how the trailers edited. I’ll still check it out.


    amanii Reply:

    @Trey, dhiss sh.t is a fuckkinqq liee dudee bhudd thee showw iss reallyb qood hopefuly he qoes with younqq moneee ,


  2. Heminem

    Why so serious?!

    Your on a Wayne record, your career is gonna be ok!


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