Video: The Lonely Island x Akon Perform ‘I Just Had Sex’ at Comedy Awards

The Lonely Island and Akon

The Lonely Island rounded up Akon and The Roots to perform their raunchy comical sensation “I Just Had Sex” at the inaugural Comedy Awards. The “SNL” funnymen pulled out all the stops with dancers, pyro, and even a choir. Their sophomore album Turtleneck & Chain, which also includes appearances from Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, drops May 10. Laugh it up with the fellas below.


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  1. Diego

    I Just Had Sex, And It Feel So Good (8)
    it’s awesome; the best song in Turtleneck & Chain (:


  2. Keeks

    why is Akon always touching himself…? #dead


    kikki Reply:

    @Keeks, #dead #dead #dead


    Vera Reply:

    @Keeks, Obviously those pants are too tight for him to put his hands in his pockets


  3. Coleworld

    Pretty cool performance. I had to sing along hahaha


  4. Real Hip hop

    Akon dry humping a woman….Whats new


  5. Heminem

    Akon is lookin good.

    Wheres that album man.


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