Guess Who in the Studio with Pharrell

Guess Who with Pharrell

Who surprised Pharrell during a visit to the studio in Germany?


It’s Drake! The Young Money rapper, along with his producer Noah “40” Shebib, caught up with Skateboard P in Europe. Pharrell has been logging studio time with Latin superstar Gloria Estefan, while Drizzy has been recording his sophomore effort Take Care. When are we getting that collabo guys?

[BBC Blog]

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  1. brisporta



  2. Beauty

    Funny how he can give other Artists hot tracks, callabos, etc but does nothing for his own. Smh @ Pharrell.


  3. roro

    40 & pharrell. 2 of the greatest producers out right now.


  4. Allen

    Yea Drake & Pahrrell Song That Will Be Hot


  5. Neickha

    40 was a giveaway…he’s a hottie


  6. dia

    Can’t wait for Take Care


  7. stacky



  8. tune

    you can tell that its drake…40 is by him and hes throwing up the young money sign


  9. maya

    That’s gonna be one sick ass beat but I thought it was j.cole


  10. ymcmb

    Can’t wait for that track.first


  11. Eric Clement

    i 100% sure that these is drake, i can put my life on the line for these


  12. buddyreal

    record is gonna be sick!


  13. SanDra



  14. Nait Phoenix

    Dood, totally called it.


  15. malikMJdope

    I know its gonna be Epic cat wait for it and “Take Care”


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