Ne-Yo Escapes to the South of France


Ne-Yo upped his international swagger this past weekend in Cannes, France, paying a visit to the southern tip of the country. The singer-songwriter traversed the streets while rocking a New York Yankees cap, a white graphic tee, cargo pants, and strap-on sandals, indulging in some retail therapy while scoping out the scene.

Taking a break from his travels, he checked in with his Twitter fam from across the pond. “Sal-u twit fam! I’m currently on my South of France swing. On a beach somewhere in Cannes. Haters google map it and dream. MUCH LOVE!!” wrote the R&B gentleman.

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  1. brian b...

    Who is that guy he’s with?


  2. RobertSLAY

    Thats his boyfriend..


  3. Sharp Tongue

    I was thinking the samething his boyfriend how cute.


  4. Lolsmileyface

    ‘cmon now, stop throwing shade at Ne-Yo
    Anyway, has he finally realized the fedora look was been out?


  5. Heminem

    I wish I had NeYo money.

    I will one day, im just startin off!


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