Rap-Up TV: Game Introduces Charles Louboutin, Says Hip-Hop Is Oversaturated

To usher in his R.E.D. movement, Game has given himself a new alias. The Compton MC introduced us to Charles Louboutin on set of his “Red Nation” video shoot last week. “Christian Louboutin is the red bottom man,” he told Rap-Up TV of the famed shoe designer. “I’m kinda something like the red connoisseur. Charles Louboutin, man, it’s fly. … I thought I’d come with something creative that would kinda just sit there and stand for what I am and kinda give the ladies a little [something].”

He also elaborated on what he meant when he rapped on “Red Nation,” “Ni**as would trade they soul to be Drake or J. Cole.”

“Some of these cats would trade their souls for the limelight,” said the red Mohawk-sporting rapper. “It just seems like regular people are just starting to pick up the mic and write. I come from an era where you can count all the rappers on two hands. These days it’s a million.”

While he recognizes that the plethora of new talent can be a good thing, he also sees it as overkill. “We get dizzy with all these new one-hit wonders and of course the radio is all colorful,” he continued. “Maybe one day we’ll get back to what hip-hop is supposed to be and maybe we won’t. But I know I’ma blend in either way. I’m a chameleon.”

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  1. Trey

    He is right about the over saturation thing. The only real advantage about that is the selection of rappers you like.


  2. C94B

    Word, Game.

    You are so right about the oversaturating of Hip-Hop. Everybody wants to become a rapper, and for a lot of them, it’s not just because they “want to be themselves”. Let’s be realistic, take off the halo from above their head and not make these people look like they just want to send a message and then go home. In my opinion, they want their part of the cake, the one with “Living large without effort” written in it. It’s as simple as that. They want that life displayed in video clips with beautiful girls in underwear, expansive cars, and many more, I think you can draw the mental picture for yourself. But, then again, a lot of us would like that kind of wealth, right ? It’s not as easy in the videos, though, and most of us know it, when we take our time to think about that.

    It’s very true to me, and I am French, so if even I can see it from here (I also see it in my country), it’s even more relevant from an American standpoint.

    Peace !


  3. Lil' Nello

    Game is so right about the over saturation of new artists! Yes we see all of that fancy stuff & lifestyle a lot of them have so who wouldn’t want that? But a lot of people don’t realize like anything most of us try our hand at how much hard work goes into all of it! Not to mention a lot of these artists don’t really own or have a lot of these things they say they have or portray in their rhymes & videos!


  4. unplugged

    i think the game was describing himself….dude wanted to be the new NWA……I’m just saying its easy for him to say that from the other side of success you know…..but thats how he setup his own career


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