Alicia Keys to Commemorate Debut Album with 10th Anniversary Edition

songs in A minor Deluxe Edition

Alicia Keys is set to commemorate the release of her multi-platinum debut songs in A minor with a special 10th Anniversary Deluxe and Collector’s edition. To celebrate the occasion, she will also give an intimate performance at New York City’s Beacon Theatre.

The Deluxe two-disc and Collector’s Edition three-disc sets, due June 28, will boast special packaging and a beefed up booklet featuring new liner notes. Unheard tunes that didn’t make the original tracklisting will be featured on the new releases, including “A Woman’s Worth (Remix)” featuring Nas, the mixtape version of “Juiciest,” the previously unreleased “Typewriter,” and more.

Additionally, the Collector’s Edition will feature a documentary created for the commemorative release. The film explores the making of the album as well as interviews with Keys and those who worked on the Grammy-winning record.

“It’s incredibly surreal for me to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of songs in A minor,” stated Alicia. “Looking back on the journey, I’m truly moved by my fans and friends who’ve been with me and have supported me throughout my career. This album is possibly the most precious to me, as your first album only happens once, and so songs in A minor will always hold a special place in my life that’s filled with amazing memories.”

The New York native will also grace the stage at the Beacon Theatre on June 30 for the one-of-a-kind “Piano & I: A One Night Only Event with Alicia Keys,” where she will play songs from the album as well as cuts from her oeuvre.

“I’m so proud that the songs are still being enjoyed around the world, and I’m crazy excited to share, through the 10th Anniversary Edition, songs never heard before, and even more of my debut album with you,” she said.

In addition, Keys will perform at the BET Awards on June 26 and an hour-long special on her career will air on the network in late June.

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  1. mike

    wow, i cant believe Alicia’s been in the industry for 10 years already and still is on top of her game


  2. @RonaldRanier

    Where’s the pre-order link?


    M&M Reply:

    @@RonaldRanier, Go To


    whatsittoyou Reply:

    @@RonaldRanier, On her website.


    alicia's a homewrecka Reply:


    go to


    angelbaby07 Reply:

    @alicia’s a homewrecka, LMAO!! I love her music and her voice but I agree with you 100% on that one


    Sonya Reply:

    @alicia’s a homewrecka,
    I see you made a special effort to get your comment where EVERYONE could see it. It’s really weird that you think so little of her, yet continue to follow everything she does to make these silly accusations. ?? Alicia=WINNING! Definitely not a homewrecka!


  3. Beystanbish

    Yas Girl and make sure you release that damn put it in a love song video as a bonus.


  4. Christy

    Alicia looks BEAUTIFUL! I’m very excited about this. I will be pre-ordering the collectors edition.


  5. Brown Sugar

    So she is coming out the same month as Beyonce?


  6. DJ

    Songs in A Minor is 10 years old wow. The years surely fly. Congrats Alicia, I can’t wait to pick it up!


  7. Face

    This is just great. One of the few women that put out multiple, modern day classics; SIAM being one.

    Can’t wait for this.


  8. Kim

    So excited about this this woman is phenominal. 10 years and her music is timeless. I just love her spirit. I will be getting this for sure.



    YESSSSSSSSSS!!! I’m so buying this!!


  10. run

    I’m buying that day 1, i would buy anything that girl puts out. Talent deserves my money and it’s Alicia, the best! You go girl


  11. L.A. Baby

    the new cover is so beautiful too


  12. Kyle

    2011 is a weird year for me because it means that it has already been one decade since my favorite year in music: 2001. Seriously so many good albums came out that year and it still feels like just yesterday that I went to the record stores to go and buy them. Destiny’s Child “Survivor,” Aaliyah’s self titled album, Jay-Z’s “Blueprint,” Foxy Brown’s “Broken Silence,” and the list just keeps going on and on. I’m glad Alicia is celebrating her 10 year anniversary in the game by releasing this and I will definitely buy it! It’s kinda sad how fast time goes by…


    ponyo Reply:

    @Kyle, so funny that u said that because i just feel so uneasy about this year…just a weird feeling


    kiki R.I.P. left eye Reply:

    @Kyle, wow i 3rd that claim..


  13. Peace

    WOW its been 10 years. Classic album.



    OMG that made my day! 10 years on top for the most humble, talented, classy and beautiful artist out there, it deserves a celebration YES!


    Stephanie Reply:

    @PLAIN&SIMPLE, 100% agree!!! :-)


  15. Stephanie

    Congrats Alicia!!! … here’s hoping & praying she will be around for 10+ more years … every one of her cd’s have 1 or more songs that ARE CLASSICS ( a trait of a truly talented artist/musician/songwriter) … I will be purchasing the anniversary cd & I can’t wait until she releases a NEW cd … much continued success… :-)


  16. Dallas Champ

    love it


  17. thadundun

    not an alicia keys fan, but this is a pretty awesome thing! for all alicia-fans this is a must :D


  18. JJ

    Best news I’ve heard all year! She has stayed true to herself for 10 years. Wow! How many of your favorite artists can say that???? I don’t care what anyone says, AK is the best! Alicia is what EVERY artist should strive to be. No gimmicks, no over-hyping for sales… she’s strictly about the music.


  19. Worldtown

    This girl is a legend in the making, if she’s not already…congrats Alicia!



    It’s already up for pre-order on Just pre-ordered mine. :D


    Chick93 Reply:

    @OMGGGGGG, lol me too!


  21. bree m.

    Wow! So excited. I love Alicia Keys. I don’t even know which one to pre-order lol. She deserves all of the success and I’m so glad to be able to listen to an artist like her. Very special!


  22. Anita

    Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be incredible. Just ordered. Would love to see the live performance of her and only the piano also. She made many many people love her and her music. Keep doing your thing Alicia. :-)


  23. Jenn

    YESSS! I will pre ordering this for sure!


  24. Jormarcus

    Omg I been waitin and waitin… I thinkin it gone been so good… Yes she the only lady I thinkin dat kill it… I hope the tour dvd come to


  25. dj

    I just preordered it- and I wanna go to the show she’s doing on June 30th for the release- A Keys is still the REAL baddest chick in R&B


  26. jrw

    you know I am so sick and tired of you people still
    referring to Alicia as a homewrecker, why don’t you get over it and get a life. She sure is doing that I am definetly going to be at her concert and will be getting her 10 year Anniversary “Song in a Minor”


    DJ Reply:

    @jrw, I know they need to worry about themselves. People who hate are losers, and we WINNING!!


  27. Me

    See here’sa girl wit talent and determination, she aint need to nude up or do pelvic vaginal thrusts to sell records…


  28. ri

    This is a must have I love her music can’t wait!


  29. Great Artist

    I have already pre-ordered all three.–I plan to give as gifts to my friends who love great music. I plan also to get tickets to her concert at the Beacon. I look forward to her appearance on the BET awards and the one hour special.


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