Solange Gets Her Groove Back


Solange went ’70s chic in a long cardigan, midriff-baring top, high-waisted flare pants, and floppy hat covering her au natural hair at ELLE‘s 2nd Annual Women in Music Concert at The Music Box in Hollywood on Monday (April 11). The wild child changed into another retro look before debuting new material from her upcoming album and sharing the stage with rising MC Theophilus London. “First show in 2 years. Rusty bitch,” tweeted the singer.

JoJo cheered on her fellow females, looking cute as can be in a more contemporary gray dress. Check out all the funky fashions below.

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  1. eddie

    thats my gurl solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv ya!!!!!!!!


  2. Bianca

    yes Solange. cute look. ^_^


  3. Kay

    After BeyoncĂ©’s album I want Solange to release something too.

    Knowles Sisters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  4. Josh

    JoJo looks incredible! Can’t wait her new album! She is so dope.


  5. IamWhoIam

    Solo just tries way too hard to be different. It’s like she goes out of her way to do it. And it just doesn’t come off as genuine. Hopefully she finds herself. She’s a decent singer.


    Yo! Reply:

    @IamWhoIam, why? because she doesn’t dress conventional? Maybe she woke up that day and thought “hmmm this makes me feel good, I’ll wear it”


    IamWhoIam Reply:


    It has nothing to do with her not dressing conventional. If she had normal “stars” clothes on and looked awkward i’d point it out too. It’s the way she comes off. Most of the times I find it fake and phony. It’s as if she doesn’t know who she is. Even in her interviews. Now she may very well be comfortable in this “style.” But it is my opinion that she’s trying too hard.


    eddie Reply:

    @IamWhoIam, she knows who she is and she is going to be successful. you mad?


    Dave Reply:

    @IamWhoIam, You really know her don’t you. Trying too hard is the ish Lady Gaga wears? Meat on her outfits, Kermit the frog outfits? That’s trying too hard. I don’t see where she tries to hard here. If you follow her career, she’s always had this eclectic style.


  6. shay

    YESSSSSS! i love solange.


  7. Jhephey1504

    JoJo look amazing!


  8. ri

    Soooo does anybody else think that this JoJo chick looks like a brunette Lindsay Lohan just a little in that face shot?! No? I’m trippin O.K.


  9. JoJoFan

    JOJO is going to shoot her music video on THURSDAY 14th APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET READY!!! SHE’s COMING BACK to the music business and tops over the charts…


  10. kiki R.I.P. left eye

    Solange’s first look is hot! Jojo’s looks nice too i’m glad there both working on new music they are great!


  11. -

    Solange Looks weird lol. JoJo looks hot. Loving the new look.


  12. Dave



  13. Me

    wtf, this is what happens wen a child screams out for attention .. there, there * pats heer on the head


  14. Lisa

    Solange is so amazing. Her last album was a masterpiece. My favorite Knowles.


    Me Reply:

    @Lisa, lol


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