Swizz Beatz Builds ‘Skyscrapers’ with Kanye West and Bono on New Album

Bono and Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz is reaching stadium status on his second album Haute Living. The producer-rapper landed a coveted collaboration with U2’s Bono and Kanye West for a track called “Skyscrapers.”

While promoting his partnership with Reebok, Swizzy revealed the all-star cut. “It’s me, Bono, and Kanye on this one song called ‘Skyscrapers,’” he told Paper magazine. “I recorded with Kanye in the studio and then I recorded with Bono in this actual studio right here.”

Haute Living has already spawned the Eve-assisted single “Everyday (Coolin’)” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll” featuring Lil Wayne, Lenny Kravitz, and Travis Barker. Other guests include Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend. But the songs are no ordinary collabos. “They’re on the album in super amazing ways,” said Swizz. “It’s not like a compilation—it’s a nice mixture of creativity. I had no boundaries with it.”

The project also includes a cameo from his wifey Alicia Keys, who appears on the rock-tinged “International Party.” The happy couple has already shot a video with director Chris Robinson.

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  1. DJ

    Can’t wait for the album, but when is it coming out?


  2. jimscreechie

    Is Swizz Beatz sitting in that man’s lap?


    L.A. Baby Reply:

    @jimscreechie, you sound old…and it’s Bono’s! Who cares? lol


    Heminem Reply:


    Thats funny! I think he is.

    Bono is lookin old!


  3. Will

    They look really drunk lol


    Hannibal Reply:

    @Will, LOL this is gunna be legend wait for it


  4. Noringtone

    I can’t wait for this song. Swizz Beatz on the beat+KANYE+BONO???? Crazy.


  5. Hannibal

    This is gunna be the 2nd anticipated album of 2011 first being Detox- Dr Dre. This album is gunna spawn some great songs in my eyes.


    Hannibal Reply:

    @Hannibal, darie


  6. JHP

    Kanye & Bono, that’s gonna be dope can’t wait to hear it. Wayne, Lenny, Hova, Alicia, he’s got a nice guest list on this. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might actually buy a Swizz Beatz album for once in my life lol.


  7. shady

    I hope this album will come out soon!


  8. damojo

    i’m kinda sad lil wayne’s not on the album…..


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