Video: Rick Ross f/ Wale and Meek Mill – ‘Pandemonium’

Rick Ross

Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group cohorts Wale and Meek Mill cause “Pandemonium” in the video for another track off their upcoming Self Made Vol. 1 compilation, dropping May 24. In the Spiff TV-directed clip, each rapper stacks bills and smokes cigars while chilling in a whip on the black-and-red set. Watch Rozay’s crew cause a ruckus in the new vid.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    that girl was in gucci old vid, & now she in two of these rick ross/meek mill/wale vids. she look good cant lie


    Arrica Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, hey could you give me the name of the gucci video that girl was in. dying to know why she looks so familar. thanks hon


    Lane Reply:

    @Arrica, Keyshia Dior is her name. Also in Timbaland & Drake “Say Somthing” vid


  2. Anthony Russell

    damn ive been DYING TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!!!!! WALE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Me

    Anyone notice the extra sound in the background..ugh..i thought they added it to the video i went back to listen to my old mp3 of pandemonium and i heard it..dam..ruined a good song..but the video is good..dam extra sound lol


  4. Dat Nigguh

    Wale went in on this one. DC stand up!


  5. M.Swagga

    This song , the beat, and the lyrics is official


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