Jennifer Lopez Makes a Dangerous Fashion Statement

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her dangerously hot body in a metal cage outfit on set of her video for “I’m Into You” featuring Lil Wayne, the second single from her new album LOVE? (May 3). People‘s Most Beautiful Woman in the World flew down south where she was allowed unprecedented access to shoot against the archeological sites in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

In the latest two images from the set, J.Lo gazes into the distance at dusk as she perches atop the stone steps. Check out an additional photo snapped on the lawn of a Mayan step pyramid and look for the video’s premiere on May 2.

Jennifer Lopez

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  1. maya

    she’s gorgeous


  2. Trac-E



  3. say what

    jennifer i love the outfits both are HAWT
    and you are looking red hot go on and showing them what you are working with jennifer.


  4. say what

    jennifer is down right INTRIGING!


  5. say what

    i am loving jennifer new look her
    creative, & artistic direction that shes taking.


  6. Dexter

    I am loving this fucking song.

    I heard it on the radio last night. Amazin’

    This video looks like it’ll be greatt.

    Request “I’m into You” :)


  7. Dave

    Someone who can truly rock talent, but have the assistant of talent to back her up & give her a extra edge.


  8. CheChilia

    She’s rocking it. Her style is my favorite.


  9. Jay

    Amazing! Can’t wait to see it!


  10. Sharp Tongue

    You better werk! *RuPual’s voice*


  11. Heminem

    JLO you are amazing and hot!

    Im 20 and your just about the first thing in hollywood id F.


  12. Jay ciara's man

    She a bangaaaaa all around


  13. A&R

    wow ! this is dope, hardly anyone can just go chill on the Mayan pyramid. siiick


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