Kelly Rowland Takes New York, Interviews with ‘The Breakfast Club’

La La, Kelly, and Jessica White

Kelly Rowland descended on New York City on Tuesday. First the single lady hit the court for the New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls basketball game at Madison Square Garden, sitting alongside Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, and Vanessa Williams. She then headed to Greenhouse nightclub to celebrate the release of her Lil Wayne-assisted single “Motivation” with pals La La Vazquez, Swizz Beatz, Rico Love, and Jessica White.

Kelly appeared on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” this morning and spoke about everything from dating outside her race to once having Mathew Knowles as her manager to wearing no pants. She also said she has not heard her friend Kim Kardashian’s charity single “Jam (Turn It Up),” addressed the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion (again), and opened up about her relationship with fellow DC alum LeToya Luckett (“We are grown women”). Watch the wild interview below.

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  1. qwerty

    She is such a beautiful creature..
    I do not get how people dare to say that she is boring cause in fact she is FULL of life and such a humble and lovely person. I am glad Charlamagne apologized cause there is no reason to hate on such a humble artist.


  2. Leo


    Kelly is a BEAUTIFUL and CLASSY girl!

    The smash urban hit “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne is available on iTunes! Purchase now!


  3. DivaChica

    They are crazy….lol


  4. Rihanna Baby

    wooooo beautiful women right there


  5. James

    They were so wrong for putting her in that position. She looked so uncomfortable. Kelly seems very sweet. Nothin but love for her.


  6. Brown Sugar

    I hope her album does well when it comes out this summer!


  7. 2011k

    Ugh, Kelly is so freaking beautiful and talented!!! I love this woman!! I swear, I’m ready for Kelly’s album to drop already!!! I’ve loved ALL of her singles (well, except that “Grown Woman” song; the concept was good, but the song…not so much)…


  8. buddyreal

    you could really see beyonce there when she talks. its beautiful


    IamWhoIam Reply:


    Lol when you grow up in the same house with someone and have spent probably most of your life with that person of course they’re gonna sound alike. I even think at times they sing alike. It’s scary.


    aaliyah Reply:

    @IamWhoIam, yeah


  9. Abdullah

    all i was seeing was LALA TITTIES


  10. TL

    I love me some KR Such a sweetheart!!!



    Aww she seems so sweet. Nice interview.


  12. Sleazy

    31 on itunes im shockd! For an urban track pretty great! Go kelz


  13. parkcity

    “first of all, that is my neighbor and he is married…to his lovely husband”


  14. muni

    Kelly is so BEAUTIFUL, GO GO GO GO
    Baby Imma be ur MOTIVATION…..


  15. baron



  16. Oh Please

    I just saw watchu guys were she really does sound like Beyonce..and damn they tried to play matthew Kelly wasn’t having that…haha


  17. katy

    i love her. she is amazing. real beautiful talent, her song motivation is currently no 27 on itunes 100 chart buy the single now.



    nice interview, don’t care for most of the questions but love it though


  19. TamTam

    Kelly supports being confident in your color, but she got a nose…c’mon Kelendria.


  20. TamTam

    *nose job


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