New Music: Chipmunk f/ Trey Songz – ‘Take Off’

Chipmunk and Trey Songz

British rapper Chipmunk crosses the continental divide for “Take Off,” his collaboration with Trey Songz from his sophomore album Transition, landing in the U.K. Monday. The bhangra-inspired tune features sitars fluctuating alongside snapping percussion, as the fellas say goodbye to a girl who just couldn’t deal with their life in the public eye.

“I never thought I’d see the day when you wasn’t by my side/ See I was down for you girl, put you first in my world, and I thought you were down to ride/ It’s like you didn’t want me to take off … But now I’m leavin’,” sings Trey.

Listen to them throw up the deuces.

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  1. Fan Ov A Fan

    wow… chipmunk is doing good working with all these american stars. if he works with rihanna then i will respect chipmunk no doubt


  2. MahirC

    this an AMAZING song!….Go on chipmunk represent for the UK…Doing big things!!!


  3. Whatcha_Sayin



  4. Chris Shorts

    this is nice o wow shocked i like it alott hes doing good


  5. leydyred

    His music wont stick to long in America. Compared to majority of the talent we got here, he wont stand out. Weak bars from his part.

    Mainstream here he comes


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