New Music: Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie – ‘Look at Her (Killin’ ‘Em Part 2)’

Ne-Yo, Fabolous, and Ryan Leslie

Fabolous kills ‘em softly on the remix to “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” featuring Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie. The trio re-recorded the TINC2 mixtape hit into a soulful version for Fab’s new mixtape The S.O.U.L. Tape, due April 21. Listen to them go in for the kill.

Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie – “Look at Her (Killin’ ‘Em Part 2)”

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  1. BK James

    I’m not feelin’ this at all. But I didn’t care for the original either. Pretty bland. The original inspired all the members of a local frat near me to spew off “killen it” and “killen em” every few minutes as if no one had ever used the phrase before this song. Bleh


    Orlando Reply:

    @BK James, then y listen 2 it @ all if ur bitchin bout it….HELLL00000


    BK James Reply:

    @Orlando, cuz no one else had anything to say at the time. Eat D -BK


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  3. AAA

    This is tuff, to the person up top, shutup lame


  4. tehe!



  5. jeremydante

    im alll for anything that praises bad ass females!!!
    love. love. love!!!


    bknyhustle Reply:

    @jeremydante, def cosign you on that bro… they make life so worthy of living honest to God


  6. Nuff Said

    This Remix is so tuff. Anything Ryan Leslie produces will be dope hands down.


  7. Ice

    Love it. 3 of the best on 1 track.


  8. roro

    the original beat SLAYED
    this one’s closer to average
    oh well fab lyrically destroys any song he’s on so it’s all good!


  9. WonderLand19

    They KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real SMoooooth :)

    Nice production Ryan, hope you album is like this.


  10. R.I.P. left eye, 9 years gone

    Amazing! :D


  11. Matt Be

    Awww man this track tough as hell!….Very Very Very Smooth!!….Cant wait until that SOUL Mixtape drops and the Losos Way PArt 2……You be Killen em Fab!


  12. Leo ...

    I loved the original it’s fucking awesome !!!!
    It was smooth and slick and hade a beat and rhythm you could die for ….

    But then I see this and u get very exited so I play it but I Garda say my dear fellow amazing artists I wasn’t feeling this one and neither was anyone else and u and I both know u could of done way way way better especially with ne-yo in it u Guys remember “Make Me Better” now that shit was insanely awesome and that song is proof u could of done it better than what u came out with ….

    But then again ur the artist and I wasn’t there so ask urself if ur happy with what u have b4 u release it cuz one of my motos is “Perfect Or Nothing” and to explain this I have another moto “never compromise” cuz if u follow thos motos ur beats and songs will be 100% pure mother fucking beautifull shit !!!!!


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    its ok the hook could of been better


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  15. Keep up the good work!

    Keep up the good work!…

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