Rihanna Speaks on Britney Spears ‘S&M’ Remix, ‘X Factor’ Rumors


Rihanna called into Ryan Seacrest’s 102.7 KIIS FM show this morning, sharing what it was like to collaborate with fellow pop powerhouse Britney Spears on the remix to “S&M.” “She was very, very great, very professional, and she worked really hard at it,” shared RiRi. “I think it’s very unexpected to see two artists of similar genres like that collaborate and get together.”

The 23-year-old singer also addressed reports that she was in talks to become a judge on Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor.” “It’s something I would have loved to do, but our schedule doesn’t allow,” she regrettably said. “We’re going to be on tour for the rest of the year.”

She was originally planning to perform “S&M” on tomorrow’s “American Idol,” but decided to go with “California King Bed.” “With those lyrics, it would have been really uncomfortable for me to perform them in front of six year olds, knowing that four year olds are watching,” she explained. “I decided to go with ‘California King Bed.’ Something a little more subtle.”

She will, however, open next month’s Billboard Music Awards with her raunchy hit single.

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  1. Tamour

    These radio kiss asses gassing that mess. Friday it will be over. Yay for BEY!


  2. 2011k

    #BEYSEASON -> She slays your fave!!!

    On another note, as much as I love Rihanna, that remix is NOT what’s hot in the streets…but whatev…


    RIHLUV Reply:



    COPYONCE Reply:

    @2011k, you mean that copycat bitch? nigga please


  3. Rihanna Rules!!

    Have you notice that Tamborine commented before any of Rihanna’s fans. I swear they are obsessed with Rih. Can’t say I blame them she is so unpredictable and never boring. I am so happy that Rihanna is breaking so many records.I am so proud to be a fan.Keep doing your thing Rih and let the hate fuel/motivate you to exceed expectations. Cute interview.


    RAH RAH Reply:

    @Rihanna Rules!!, Agreed! Can’t wait for her to perform CKB, tomorrow night.


  4. pressed

    the remix not wats hot on the streets but its #1 on iTunes #YeahArd


  5. love riri

    Love rihanna thats all I got to say !!!


  6. Rihhi5@RIHNAVYBASEcompoundSwag

    I heard the interview. I cant wait to hear her sang.


  7. fenty gabriel.

    my carribean princess i love you.


  8. Robzlanski

    I love love love this remix! I’m so glad these femme fatales did this collab, it sounds so good! Hopefully they will do a new video, fingers crossed!



    fenty gabriel. Reply:

    @Robzlanski, you can hate riri because she is hot dem haters.


  9. say what

    love U riri, and to those who’s worried about
    what riri is going to be doing when b gets back need to leave quick and go play in traffic it’s quitting time at the ford glass
    plant. aint nobody scaaaaaared of bey are no one for that matter.


  10. say what

    theres a lot of music/artist doing there thing therefore what is the buzz telling every artist thats working their behinds off to run because beyonce is dropping music tell it to the big oak tree in the back yard, deery.


  11. Mike

    Rumor has it that Rihanna will perform with Britney at the Billboard Music Awards!


  12. Jay ciara's man

    Fuck Rihanna she a attention hoe who can’t sing if her life depended on it she should be kissing roc nation and the sing writers ass for making something out of nothing


  13. fenty gabriel.

    you are fucking jerk for insulting riri damn you.


  14. Um.Well.Sure.

    I like Rihanna and the whole Loud album, but the remix was not good at all. Britney’s voice doesn’t go well with the beat and whoever mixed it should be ashamed…


  15. STEVEN

    To (um.well.sure.)…That hole between your crack is not the hole you listen through! Britney sounds H-O-T HOT on the re-mix. Don’t be jealous, it’ll be o.k.! Like I’ve told other PATHETIC, DESPERATE, JEALOUS LOSERS LIKE YOURSELF…Please give us a list of all your albums and songs that have been #1 so we can all go to YOUTUBE and watch your videos so you can show us how it should be done. Hrmmm…
    THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT-LOSER! It’s always the GROSE, OBESE, DISGUSTING, FRIEND-LESS, JEALOUSE LOSERS that hide behind their computers to write their crap without using their real name! Also, it would be a cold day in hell before you posted a full length picture of yourself because (1) you know what
    people would say! But then, you don’t need us to repeat what your own family says about you to your face! and (2) I doubt you could fit your whole body on a standard 4×6 print! What a REJECT!!! IT’S BRTINEY BITCH! THAT’S QUEEN B TO YOU!!


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