Video: Justin Bieber Raps to Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now’

Justin Bieber showed off his rap skills once more, this time in the Holy Land. The teen idol performed Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” rhyming along to Breezy and Busta Rhymes’ parts during his sold-out show in Tel Aviv, Israel. See Biebs turn his swag on in the fan-filmed footage. Leggo!

[Thanks to Leah!]

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  1. Naya

    Bieber was getting it lmfao first Champion in England now Look At Me Now in Israel I’m convinced that bieber stans for breezy lol


    MusicMusic01 Reply:

    @Naya, yeah Chris is one of his influences, you know. Sometimes you can’t help whose music you like. lol. The kid loves the Hip-Hop and R&B.


  2. saadkid08

    that bass is thumpin



    YESSSSSS!!! GET IT JUSTIN!!!….That white-boy got SWAG FO DAYS!!!….and he killed it!

    I need a better, clearer video though…..searchin’ on youtube…



  4. Courtney M.

    Bieber got swag! Killed it!


  5. noodles

    Lol. Cute!


  6. The Beast

    This is actually very good for a 16 year old white kid


  7. Lawrence

    Did he say nigga? Oh no he didn’t..


    jasss Reply:

    @Lawrence, lol no i dont think he did, he skipped it, but did he say dick? lol


  8. TYLER

    get it bieber lol


  9. ellis

    thats cool.


  10. roro

    lmao people can’t hate on bieber for rapping now
    anybody who could do a busta rhymes verse as defs got some skill!


  11. R.I.P. left eye, 9 years gone

    Bless him. He did his thing.


  12. Fan Ov A Fan

    eminem :D


    Lawrence Reply:

    @Fan Ov A Fan, Please don’t tell me you just compared him to Eminem.


  13. yana



  14. Neickha

    He is too cute lol.


  15. tiffany



  16. OO

    That’s Cool Justin. You’re Great! By the way, Chris brown’s look at me now is cool :]


  17. crystal bayless

    Hi :) i am 14 years old and i cant say that i like justin bieber because iv never meet him for all i know he could be putting on a act but i do have to say i like his music he is very gifted and from what i’v seen he is a pretty loyal person and does kind deedes for others. i hope that he doesnt end up like lendzy lohanas.i hope to see more of him . And hpfully grow to like him personally


  18. crystal bayless

    you guys are so obsest why have u guys ever spent qulity time with him. No exanctly so we shouldnt be obsesing over some guy who we never meet just because he can sing doesnt mean hes not just like you and me, u wouldn’t obsess if i walked down the street so why do americans obsess over a single person i mean some people’s lives revolve around them. And when a star brakes there arm and go to the emerngency room they get brode casted on the newas and when pashents have been waiting for hours to see the doctors a star walkes in and their atamaticly in ahead of sick elderly people. Im not saying i dont like jb because i do but i dont like most stars in generole. I dont know mabey as time goes on i’ll grow to look at a diffrent perspective but right now this is my prospective and im sticking to it,I<3 every ones opinions please coment but don't be mean about it please i dont mean to hurt anyones heart or insolt them but mabey u guys can help change my prospective


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