Video: Prince Sits Down with George Lopez, Debuts New Material


Prince, who kicks off his 21-night stand in Los Angeles tonight, gave a rare interview to George Lopez on “Lopez Tonight.” The Purple One, wearing all red, spoke about refraining from cursing (instead using the word “artichoke”), why he decided to charge only $25 for concert tickets, his simple backstage requests, taking a break from recording, the Internet’s impact on music, and his issue with other artists covering his songs.

The pop icon then stormed the stage in a glittery gold getup with the New Power Generation to debut two new songs, “Laydown” and “You’re the One for Me” with Sheila E., taking it back with “The Beautiful Ones” from the Purple Rain soundtrack. Watch his interview and electrifying performance below.


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  1. The Prophet Blog

    Actually, Laydown is from his 20ten album (Lopez incorrectly introduced it as a brand new track), and “You’re the One for Me” is a cover of a D-Train song.


  2. sensational

    prince is and always will be awesome!!!


  3. meme

    Since he never officially released 20Ten in the U.S., Laydown was technically debuting at the George Lopez Show. Anyhow it’s a cut from his latest CD. Wish I could be in L.A. He’s going to take everyone to school!!


  4. Neickha

    I can’t believe I missed this. I would love to see him in concert. George and Prince’s shoes are on point lol.


    CC Reply:

    @Neickha, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PRINCE!!!! I’ve never been to his concert but if he ever comes back to Dallas I will skip paying my car note to pay for my ticket!


  5. Chris

    Such an artist….





  7. Devingod

    Prince is a smart guy. He know the Business side too of show business.


  8. PDX Wolfeman

    I have never seen a crowd so electric for a performer on a talk show, ever! It was a one in a million performance form Prince. I have been a fan since just before Purple Rain came out, back in the early 80′s. “The Purple Wonder” is just that damn good! period!.
    Much love and respect for him and his crew!
    I just wish I could be there for one of his performances in LA!


  9. Will

    Prince is one of the last of the true musical icons. He doesn’t get enough credit for his guitar skills. He should be right up there with Jimi Hendrix and Ernie Isley.


  10. Mary Ann

    I absolutely love Prince and have so since his first record. His musicality is beyond compare. His performance on the George Lopez reminded me of the one time I was able to go to his concert. The audience, including myself were enraptured wirh him. It was by far the best concert I have ever seen. Much love to Prince…A true artist in every sense of the word.


  11. watdawat

    blacked out? losing.


  12. cez

    prince a true music artist icon there is no other that can come close to his music, my favorite music artist since i was a kid and still concerts ever too.


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