Eve Cooks Up ‘Really Big Record’ with Swizz Beatz for Her New Album

Swizz Beatz and Eve

Eve and Swizz Beatz are cooking up some more heat. The longtime collaborators, who reunited on the producer’s new single, recently completed another track for E-V-E’s fourth album Lip Lock.

The Philly raptress revealed the song’s title in an interview promoting Swizz’ collaboration with Reebok. “Last night, I was in the studio tweaking a song that we actually worked on for my album called ‘Mama in the Kitchen’ that’s ridiculous,” she shared. “It’s a really big record.”

The fellow Ruff Ryders’ chemistry in the studio is undeniable. “The synergy between me and Swizz, it creates a whole ‘nother sound that I couldn’t get from anyone else,” she continued. “And for me, the album’s not complete if he’s not on it. I came up with him, with my career, so for me, if I have an album without him on it, it’s not right.”

In addition to her oft-delayed album, due later this year, Eve appears on “Everyday (Coolin’),” the lead single from Swizz’ Haute Living album, for which a video was recently shot.

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  1. germany blanco

    eve is so hot am happy she is coming back but still waiting for kim


    5f Reply:

    @germany blanco,well keep waiting on lil kim like detox,i for one an.t waiting for no artist when they come back they come back if they don,t off to the next one.





  3. Speechless



  4. Blaze

    Can’t wait til she drops the ladies are coming back this year.


    aaliyah Reply:

    @Blaze, Agreed!!!


  5. NickiWho

    Can’t wait tell she comes back out.


  6. ponyo

    am happy she is coming out….now…a hit song is all we need


  7. R.I.P. Left Eye , 9 years gone..

    I hope swizz does a good production as sometimes he’s a C- in my opinion with his beats.


  8. Kyle

    Wow, so Eve is now on Jill Scott’s and Swizz Beatz’ new singles? 2011 is looking good for her. “Mama In The Kitchen” is such a hot title for a song. I cannot wait for her new album!!!


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