Vintage Video: Young Bruno Mars Dances with MTV’s Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore and Bruno Mars

You’ve probably seen the videos of a four-year-old Bruno Mars impersonating Elvis Presley, but MTV’s “The Seven” has unearthed more vintage footage of baby Bruno dancing with the network’s former VJ Pauly Shore. Bruno twists his hips and curls his lips just like the rock king, even nailing Michael Jackson’s signature moves. Watch the talented tyke before he hit the big leagues.

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  1. Ann

    My baby was so cute!


  2. Olkainry

    HAHAHAHAHAH The moonwalk is priceless


  3. Asian Latina



  4. Amara



  5. aaliyah

    OMG wow it’s crazy seeing artists when they were so young. jeez he was so cute.


  6. Bianca

    that’s so got damn adorable.


  7. lyfechanges

    I’m laughing at the fact he wore his hair the same way as a kid also lmao…this is adorable



    LOL aww cute bru bru


  9. TeamTM

    love him so much


  10. Nicki

    i’m canadian and I can’t view this video…. :(


  11. fan

    hahahaha oh I love you so much Bruno Mars <3


  12. Hooligan68

    A www! Brunito! So cute!


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