Pharrell Joins Odd Future at Coachella

Pharrell and Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future’s profile continues to rise. The hip-hop collective shared the stage with Pharrell during their debut appearance at Coachella. Skateboard P came out to perform “Inside of the Clouds” with the group’s leader Tyler, the Creator, who grew up idolizing him.

“That Was Fu**ing Fu**ing Great! Fu**ing P! I’ve Waited For That Moment For 9 Years. Still Can’t Believe It,” wrote Tyler. “When He Started Screaming Out WolfGang I Fu**ing Lost It. I Still Can’t Believe That Shit Actually Happened.”

OFWGKTA’s sole female member Syd was seen shedding a tear after the big moment. The Cali crew didn’t allow photographers or livestreaming during their set, so you’ll have to make do with the fan-captured footage.

[Photo via Twitter]

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  1. roro

    fuck yeahhhhh
    pharrell’s amazing so’s tyler the creator. tyler would kill a neptunes beat!


  2. Neickha

    So wanted to go to this. I know OF was so happy. Pharrell is awesome.


  3. Symone

    i wish i was there i would love to see them in person !! aye


  4. King Anton

    Pharrell & Tyler, The Creator: the perfect musical combo


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