Video: Swizz Beatz Performs with Eve, Debuts ‘Dance Like a White Girl’

Swizz Beatz had Webster Hall going wild earlier this week during his appearance at Girls Night Out. Professor Beatz performed his Haute Living single “Everyday (Coolin’),” bringing special guest Eve to the stage. “You know that’s my motherfu**in’ sister, right?” Swizz told the crowd, adding, “How many people wanna see Eve back?”

He also debuted his party starter “Dance Like a White Girl” for the ladies. “Everyday is your birthday so hit the floor,” commanded Swizzy. “When this shit come on, this is the excuse for you to go as fu**ing crazy as you want to go.” Watch him kick off his shoes and cut a rug to the bouncy anthem.

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  1. t

    im black but still i think its weird dance like a white girl? wth?! if white ppl made a song called dance like a black girl everyone would be pissed…


    t08kitty Reply:

    Get a lfe @t,its not that serious


  2. meme

    swizz is my everything. i love this man


    Alicias certified homewrecka Reply:

    @meme, And so does Alicia.


  3. maya

    ugh another fist pumping song, when is the electro shit gona end?!


  4. Blaze

    I love me some E-V-E Glad she’s back.Yo that new shit is crazy im feeling it tho dance like a white girl im gon be fist pumpin in to this shit lmao j/k


  5. SAM



  6. Kim

    That dance like a white girl is crazy, that is definitely a hit. Love Eve, can’t wait for a new album.


  7. t08kitty

    Love it!


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