Adele Calls Odd Future ‘Refreshing’

Adele and Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future has won the hearts of their rap peers including Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Diddy, but they also have one unlikely fan in Adele.

“They’re refreshing,” the U.K. songbird tells Rolling Stone. But her fans don’t seem to agree. After posting the controversial video for frontman Tyler, the Creator’s “Yonkers” on her blog, they spoke out. “My fans weren’t happy.”

Adele, whose voice Beyoncé likened to the Almighty, also shared Lil’ Kim’s reaction when she heard the “Rolling in the Deep” singer bust a rap. “She said I was nasty!” exclaimed the thrilled Brit.

Adele’s endorsement of OFWGKTA is the latest feather in the hip-hop collective’s cap. They recently performed with Pharrell at Coachella and Tyler is prepping the release of his solo album Goblin for May 10.

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  1. Wack

    My God! Hip-hop IS DEAD.


  2. ME

    Adele has been kissing up to the masons NICELY lately. I smell a big project in her future.


    roro Reply:

    @ME, you’re so full of shit. odd future is not part of the masons. they’re just talented kids who made it and and jealous retards like you want to attribute it to some cult because you refuse to accept the fact that they’re just more talented and work harder than you.

    golf wang and adele rule.


    Spill Reply:

    @roro, the word ‘talented’ is highly debatable.


    ponyo Reply:

    @ME, i noticed too lets be real


    DANCiTi Reply:

    @ME, You realize every human who’s ever lived since the damn cavemans is a “mason”/illuminati/whatever other bull? Act right.


  3. headphones

    uggghhhh, i still love you Adele lol


  4. WALLA

    @me so tru


  5. chris_Shorts

    -_- i dont know how to feel right now … like why can i like them …. like ahhhhh


  6. Young

    She always talkin bout somebody.


  7. sleazy

    Why? is she serious still got a great voice. dnt knw whats so refreshng bout them


    Yes Sir Reply:

    @sleazy, They don’t sound like every other rapper on the radio.


  8. Dallas Champ

    I love them.


  9. Noringtone

    Adele is awsome. I Love Odd Future.


  10. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ


    I feel you. I mean I don’t even get a pull to want to listen to them. I usually give a great deal of artists (a title that is also quite debatable in their regard) a chance. We’ll see. Maybe I just don’t get it yet.


  11. tis

    Well Frank Ocean is great, IDK about the group as a whole. I never listened to them and I don’t plan on listening to them


  12. name

    A lot of people seem to just write them off as wack even though they haven’t listened to them, that makes sense!

    Anyway, Odd Future is definitely better than any of the crap on the radio nowadays, plus while everyone on here talks shit, they’ve played Coachella and shows in London. What are the rest of you haters doing with your lives?


  13. Weeev

    the main thing i like is there honesty the way tyler says he wants to become mainstream and how earl use to say he likes ja rule..and how they say fuck blogs like thats shit artist never say cuz itk taint there image and they dont give a fuck!


  14. Gen

    I love adele..and now I love her more for having such good taste in music. OFWGKTA! FUCK STEVE HARVEY & FREE EARL


  15. anon_wolf_ganger

    all the wold haters can suck a fat one. odfwgkta is saving rap, they are the new wu-tang. adele is bring soul r&b back to life. they go hand in hand despite their different style, lyrics and so forth.


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