Video: David Banner, Estelle, & Daley – ‘Benz’

Estelle, Daley, and David Banner

David Banner gets behind the wheel of a brand new “Benz” with British singers Estelle and Daley in their remake of Janis Joplin’s 1971 classic “Mercedes Benz.” Commissioned by Blag magazine for Mercedes, the trio remixes the record for 2011 with production from the Mississippi rapper.

“That’s why they call it soul music, you can’t put an equation to what we just did,” said Banner of their collaboration. “When we first put it together and listened to it, it was something special.”

Put the key in the ignition and take this baby for a spin below.

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  1. lucy

    i love it, its cool


  2. Yaser Lad

    Errrm – I saw the Benz like once through the whole song. But the song is good!


  3. lost1wons

    Wow, I am amazed at David Banner, he is from Mississippi, just like me, worldwide international with British artists. I can still here that deep south sound in his music, of course, he still got that church angle sound to it.


  4. ed

    love it. awesome


  5. asunkee

    I LOVE DALEY (actually, his voice). I’m not feeling this song though.


  6. yeni

    daley’s hair is insane, he makes the song but I do prefer the original.


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