Video: YC f/ Future – ‘Racks’


Yung Chris counts his paper in the video for his breakout hit “Stacks” featuring Future. In the R. Malcolm Jones-directed clip, the Georgia MC flaunts his riches by rapping in front of a fleet of cars and flossing with his expensive gear, inspiring a young viewer who watches him on TV. Put your racks on racks on racks by checking out the new video from the up-and-comer.

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  1. Yeah

    music is dead


    blackguyfromNY Reply:

    @Yeah, nigga do you have a life…you must love hating on everything dont you… nusic is music’


    asunkee Reply:

    @Yeah, lmaoo.


  2. Beacon

    I know Young Chris-the REAL Young Chris-is makin MAJOR moves with Rico Love at the helm…This poser better step back.



  3. bri_bre

    oh no lol we let soulja boy slide with this kinda weird shit i swear if yall make him get bigger im just gonna give up on hiphop im sorry but what happen to nas -one mic or t.i. -watchu kno bout that i want hiphop not some lil boy who figured out garageband


    Aallday Reply:

    @bri_bre, whatchu know bout that? obviously you dont know nothin bout that!


  4. Ice

    Dude look like an arab who been chewing on rocks.


  5. Y.C. feat. Future – Racks on Racks | Hip Hop On Demand

    [...] Spotted at Rap-UP [...]

  6. PhanaamAnonymous

    boooo…. man BET gonna play this bull one day like they do all bull


  7. scoozle

    dude look like he got down syndrome


  8. ed

    literally one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard & the video doesn’t make it any better


  9. JNash

    love this song…got racks on racks on racccckkkss!!! its already top 20 son to be top 10 :)


  10. mz_ni_ni11

    ‘.all yal &*^%$#@ that comment”d sum negative iiDon c neither one of yal tryna do anythin wit ur life so STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid *&%$%$$ iiLuv this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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