Beyoncé and Jay-Z Step Out in Paris with Nephew

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Before launching into full promo mode for her new single and album, Beyoncé got in a little time with her husband in Paris. The fashionable couple, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary earlier this month, was spotted dining at L’Avenue restaurant with Bey’s six-year-old nephew Julez, who tagged along on their Parisian holiday. The doting aunt and uncle practiced their parenting skills, but couldn’t avoid the crush of paparazzi and fans who swarmed their car as they exited.

Fresh off his Coachella appearance, Kanye West also jetted to Paris. Maybe he and Jay will be resuming their Watch the Throne recording sessions?

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  1. Kwayzee

    beyonce <3333333333333333333333333333333333


    Khadijah Daye Reply:



  2. desi

    Bey looks gorgeous has usual <3
    Jay boy u need a haircut (WTT aint done yet?? lol)


  3. mal

    Flawless B


  4. DJ

    Cute couple, not a big fan of hers, but she can put on a show. Also like the dress.


  5. justdr

    This stone (Beyonce) is flawless..F1. Lmao!


    Husky Reply:

    @justdr, i keep shooters up top in the F1 lol


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Husky, A lot of bad bitchez begging me to F1 . Lmao .


  6. jermal

    I still Love this bitch……..Jay don’t need a haircut he got Beyonce!


  7. jeremydante

    beyonce always looks so akward holding handbags- i don’t know what it is. like she doesn’t know how to hold them or something. i always notice that.

    & the paparazzi sure did kill all sense of intimacy. but good for her, cause with the new song & everything it’d be best to start generating a buzz. which beyonce has no problems doing.


    meme Reply:

    @jeremydante, lmao. wa really kills me is when she throws them over her shoulders.


  8. Girls

    Gorgeous, such a beautiful lady :)


  9. TeamTM

    MY GOD
    Bey I love U
    so beytiful


  10. kay

    This woman is so cute!


  11. Mrstackhouse



  12. The Beast

    Please finish Watch The Throne!!!!!


  13. Beystanbish

    Werk Bey. And when’s the press release or something?


  14. Eddy

    I was there!! I saw them !!!!!


  15. oso_jo_ro

    wow…she’s GORGEOUS again…
    btw, I really find it weird that she’s keeping it on the hush about the first single even though it leaked two days ago…
    I don’t get it.


  16. R.I.P. left eye, 9 years gone

    they look, good, happy, healthy and looks right at home with their nephew.


  17. maya

    I love her & she looks gorgeous but I’m so over that blond. I was watching her “Green Light” video lately & she should go to brown, just my opinion. Also I love how much she loves her nephew <3


  18. Beacon


    I mean, compare this to her DC-era look and the “Dangerously In Love” album cover…or even “B’Day”. If Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller had a kid, that kid could see she’s shunning her roots!


  19. monster

    shit I wish I was her nephew aha


  20. MrTeazmanium

    dis is de life ,going to paris on a little get away


  21. raissa

    Julez (L)<<<3


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