Kelly Rowland Returns to R&B Roots on New Album

Kelly Rowland and Rico Love

Rico Love is no stranger to working with Kelly Rowland, having penned the Destiny’s Child member’s 2010 dance hit “Commander” as well as the sizzling, Jim Jonsin-produced “Motivation,” the first single from her forthcoming album due this summer.

While Kelly’s foray into dance last year may have thrown her stateside fans for a loop, overseas they welcomed the change. But Rico, who’s crafted about 10 to 12 songs for the album, says she’s returning to her R&B roots these days.

“‘Commander’ overseas was the No. 1 dance record and No. 1 in airplay, so it did very well in other countries,” the hitmaker tells “They didn’t release it here in the States officially. But I think ‘Motivation’ speaks to her core fans. It’s soul, it’s sexual, it’s Kelly kinda taking a stance and being a lot more sexual and emotional like the Kelly [her fans] fell in love with.”

Fans can expect to hear elements of both classy and sassy on her third solo LP. While Kelly will be driving down the same lane of the radio-friendly R&B tunes that she crafted with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, she’ll also make pit stops on the dance side of the road.

“I think it’s a good collaboration of both,” Rico shares. “I want to make sure we’re clear that there’s no indecisiveness or scatterbrained type of vibe. Being an artist, what happens is you start going through different things and you start enjoying different parts of your life and start reminiscing and remembering, and that’s what the studio experience is about… Sometimes you start here and end up here, but that’s where the music takes you. I think it’s gonna be leaning toward the urban rhythmic side.”

While a tracklisting has yet to be finalized, Rico is confident that “Love Is the Greatest,” a soulful tune he wrote with a distinct reggae vibe, will make the cut.

“I did that with Salaam Remi,” he reveals. “It just feels so good. It showcases her vocals. I take pride in vocals and I take pride in producing vocals and pulling out the best vocals I can out of all the artists I work with. To me, the artist is the instrument. So if I’m writing a melody and coming up with an idea, I have to make sure I coach [an artist] and push them to a level where everybody singing the song believes it. Every time you hear Kelly sing a song, you should feel like she wrote it because she means it that much.”

–Georgette Cline

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  1. yoko

    I cannot wait!!


    Weber from Brazil Reply:

    @yoko, me too

    luv u Kelly sooooo much +_+

    Hope she gets more successful than ever!!


  2. P

    I’m still hoping she’ll release 2 versions of this album.

    One with more dance tracks for Europe & other countries (where Commander did good). & one with the R&B shizzle for the US.


  3. Lexx_Janay

    Yes this is what we need….im tired of all these dance tracks



    we love you kelly


  5. Brown Sugar

    I can’t wait because I love Kelly sooo much, she is my favorite member of DC!


  6. shay

    i have a feeling this album will be better quality than what beyonce’s putting out right now. If she sticks with this idea of going back to r&b she’ll do just fine. i’m actually excited for her realise now more than Mrs Carter’s.


    TheCatSeries Reply:

    @shay, i said the same thing lol
    i said to myself, it’ll be funny if beyonce stuff flopped, and kellys was on top

    Not like i want beyonce to fail, cause ima beyonce fan too

    it was just a thought, but we shall see


  7. Why Ask

    Really who give a damn? She hasnt done nothing for music, even when she was in DC. Thats why Beyonce is where she is and everyone else…well sure you understand.


    Blaze Reply:

    @Why Ask, Fool Kelly was the sound in DC everyone knows that.She made it hot. Stop hatin its room for all to eat.


    rara Reply:

    @Why Ask, Please take a sit hater!!!..hahahhaahh…Kelly was the first urban artist that went the dance route and then everyone started to copy her…Kelly is going to slay here in the states like she is doing overseas..Haters fall back


  8. yoooo

    I hope this is the right move for her and that the songs are quality. I’m kind of worried that Rico penned some tracks because the songs he did for Fantasia were absolute garbage. Good luck Kelly!


  9. Myrl22

    I cant wait… Kelly, GO GO GO GO


  10. qwert

    So excited. Kelly is a class artist, definitely my fave voice in the industry!


  11. Rap*

    Cant wait.

    I have to say Riri did this reggae ish since RB and now every female chick has a reggae song on the album and uses an accent on those reconds (keri, ciara, nicole).


    Shame Reply:

    @Rap*, Are you kiddng me rihanna startd reggae rnb? bob marley had rnb reggae aswell as many other artist i dnt knw why ppl say that she ditchd that sound her new singles are mre Pop than anythng else. lord save ths chld


  12. TeamKelly!!

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!


  13. GreatestEva

    I have never liked Kelly’s voice, but my curiosity is piqued.


  14. brian b...

    Yay for kelly!! As much as I loved all her dance songs I felt they didn’t showcase how talented she actually was. This works for me!!! Can’t wait to hear the album!!!


  15. nikkiischillin

    I’m loving this hype for Kelly right now. Its about time. Motivation is my jam. I will be purchasing several copies of her new album for sure.


  16. Blaze

    I love me some Ms.Kelly an gonna cop it.Her tone is so pure.


  17. precious97

    i can’t wait to hear ‘Geronimo’the song that Chris Brown wrote I know she’ll kill it good luck Kelly hope she does okay


  18. Misty Jean

    I can’t wait, but damn, how long before the album is released?


  19. Kyle

    I will always support Kelly but man, I really thought she was going to break big with “Commander” last year. She sounds so liberated on some of those dance tracks that it gives me goosebumps. I can appreciate her standard urban/R&B sound, but I don’t think she’ll find the success she is looking for. I thought dance music was a good direction for her personally.


  20. Dave

    I’m really happy, & then I was gonna say I’m not, but he said she will make pits stops on the dance side of the road. I was about to be mad because Kelly make’s all sorts of great music from various genre’s, & like she said “She’s not gonna allow herself to be limited’, & I don’t want her to be either. She’s too talented & makes epic R&B/Soul, & dance music to cut one out. She makes great rock like songs too “Stole.”


  21. Dave

    Well more like Alternative that was.


  22. rara

    Get it Kels!!!…Will definitely be coping that album


  23. Carl

    I LOVE the way you’re talking about how Kelly is doing the right thing and Bey isn’t. Why don’t u make Kelly’s album sell more than 100K the first week then? You’re actually giving her false hopes by talking all that crap and not supporting. I’ve seen alot of people say they can’t wait for Kelly’s album but they’re not even supporting what she puts out. How can she plug an album with no hits? Then you’ll cry she has no promo, etc. I can’t.


    Khalyi Reply:


    Shut yo faggot ass up. Kelly makes better quality music than Beyonce any day. I can’t stand to see a man hate on a woman (something’s wrong there). Bottom line is Kelly will do big things this year, and her releasing music while Bee is, only means one thing…SHE AIN’T SCARED!!!!!!! True talent will prevail, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fall in line or fall the fuck back!!!!


    Nes Reply:


    These Bee fags, I tell ya. SMH!!!!!! I can’t stand for a man to hate on another woman. SAD CASE BRO!!!


    lizzy mpai Reply:

    @Carl, youre fool of crap. stop hating. haters always stand on the side lines and criticize coz they aint got jack shit. go get a hobby!!!!


  24. DJInVincible74

    I’m glad that this album will have a mix of R&B and Dance(remember when they were the same thing? When did Urban radio listeners forget how to dance?). “Commander” should have been officially released here with how well it did overseas and considering how poorly her previous R&B single “Grown @$$ Woman” did here in the States.


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  26. MaZ

    Kelly is such a beautiful woman!


  27. muni

    You better be ready for Ms Kelly ROWLAND cos this bitch is about to SLAY, forget about the other females and how many #1s they have. Cos KELLY TIME is NOW!!!


  28. Carl



  29. lizzy mpai

    im a die hard kelly fan. loving her new album


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  31. Oh Please

    Motivation is ma muthafckin JAMMMMMMM!


  32. Troy

    If Kelly sticks with R&B, slow jams kinda oldies feel and throw in a few dance songs she’ll do just fine. She’s much more down to earth and real than that attention whore beYAWNcy, by which I hear she’s being sued for $100 Million dollars and I hope they take that b*tch to the bank, because she’s just like her father and mother a swindler. Good Luck Kelly, and by all means don’t let beYAWNcy talk you and Michelle into a reunion because she’s good at trying to get attention by dueting and getting with hot artist on record to sell herself and stay relevant. Example: Shakira, Usher, Luther, Lady GaGa and soon she’ll be trying to tap into Adele’s spotlight. I wished she’s just go the hell away. Love ya Kelly, and best wishes.


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