New Music: Soulja Boy – ‘Juice’ [Mixtape]


Soulja Boy keeps the mixtapes coming with his latest presented by DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo. Inspired by 2Pac’s classic hip-hop film Juice, the 23-track offering features collaborations with Roscoe Dash, Lil B, Diamond of Crime Mob, and S.O.D.M.G. artist J Money.

Director Rage (“Crank That” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”) will direct three music videos for songs off the mixtape, as well as a 45-minute Juice-inspired mini-movie starring Soulja Boy, his S.O.D.M.G. family, and special guests.

Download: Soulja Boy – Juice

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  1. GRRRR

    Ehhh.. 45-minute mini-movie? I don’t know how I should be feeling about this mixtape. I wish he could stop using words like swag and bitch.

    Expand your vocab, kid Soulja.





  2. killa callio

    this is soulja’s best mixtape I heard this shit go hard!!

    i’m ready to see this mini movie now


  3. kenny

    gud mixtape but he had better ones


  4. JJ



  5. Thug

    Why 2Pac Get your own shit !


    goldilocks Reply:

    I agree wholeheartedly. This little niglet isn’t paying homage-it seems disrespectful. Has he been dropped from his label yet?


  6. sergio

    this is stupid this aint rap man whats with rappers now a days like waka flocka and soulja boy they just keep repeating the same word and they get paid for that shyt man soo fukin stupid


  7. wada

    dats 9ice….



    this is whack he cant even flow big fail on all radio rap and this garbage is like disgrace tupac fans everywhere


    nick Reply:

    @A SWIFT THE DON, FM radio is garbage, rappers can’t even pass 3rd grade English anymore and are being rewarded for it. The beats suck too. Please old schoolers stand up and take back what you’ve worked so hard for. F*ck the money, I wouldn’t make myself sound like an idiot like that for any amount.


  9. makaveli

    Wtf… He’s Disrespecting A Legend… What A Fucking Shame….!


  10. Noki

    This is garbage. And degrading to a fuckin solid movie and rapper Tupac.


  11. Soulja's Whack

    This shit is whack! Soulja sounds like gas ass gucci mane. I couldn’t listen no more after “Raci’s Freestyle”… smh.


  12. nick

    All he cares about is money, made obvious by his dis to Ice T. True lyricists rhyme for fun and have intelligent verses. Soulja Boy get your money then just shut up…you have done nothing good for rap.


  13. Kim Sander

    Stupid kid… Trying to get a little fame by copying real rappers like 2Pac.

    Fuck this jerk.

    The music sux too.


  14. wtf

    most g-tarded on the scene..please forgive him pac!


  15. Sammy

    If Tupac was alive, he would make soulja boy shit on himself. Disrespecting Tupac!



    I like to feel it @ my end here.
    2 my hommie souja boy, keep it up.
    much luv to 2pac!



    I agree wit everyone else, this shit is wack…i’m tired of all these new rappers gettin their fame off of old school hip-hop while ruining it at the same time. This nigga aint no THUG immortal so why he tryin to act like he pac on tha front cover. 2Pac R.I.P.


  18. Mijo 1810

    What>?? Peaple think this is good, and there serious????? Cmon yall, What the hell are u listenin 2. Soulja boy is the anti christ in Hip Hop and 2pac was the Jesus, and He was ressurected as Hopsin, Eminem, and Mijo 1810…. Thats it.


    Chris Reply:

    @Mijo 1810, AMEN 2 that Brother!!!!!


  19. Alex

    As a true Pac fan this music sucks. 4 real. you gotta keep it gangsta. Thug life 4 ever


  20. stright up BS

    Point Blank that was F***ing GAY,TUPAC is turning in his grave.The little mother fuckers should be band from any record company,studio,club,whatever they should get bitch slapped right in the fucking face. TUPAC is the king of rap let’s keep it that way. Site


  21. Jahstone



  22. Shiva

    Man, souljaboy aint doing that good shit… Evertime that same style hope this mix tape may has some new shitsss


  23. Chris

    Tupac 4 life man!!!!!! soulja boy aint goin to be as great sas him period!!!!!!


  24. young king (dawa)

    soulzaaaaaaaa u r best i loved ur legendary mixtapes other was the shit damn produce some good one


  25. OG

    DIZ SHIT IZ WACK!!!!!!!!!


  26. ST33T

    “I just think that every now and then in hip hop, there’s a dead space so we need some substance,” The Juice. “I think that I just might be one of the last artists that really cares about hip hop and not rap, not the culture, not poppin’ bottles, not the cars, chains, broads, I just actually care about nurturing and giving back to this sort of foundation on which I grew up on, which is real hip-hop.”since pac is dead there is no rap..F**K made ass..stupid soulja


  27. albert burgos

    Soulja Boy is a disgrace to 2Pac. Come on, was he really inspired by one of the greatest of all time to make this crap mixtape?


  28. gooonie luccy gang

    dis shiit slap like on sum real shiid.!!! juiice


  29. @SouljahBoy Announces @WakaFlockaBSM @Mr_Camron in “Juice”

    [...] rest of the interview is below. How did the concept for the Juice mixtape come about? I was at my condo in Los Angeles, just chillin’ one night watching this Juicemovie, [...]

  30. Axelino

    All yall young people who think souljah boi is a good rapper need to get the FUCK outta HERE!!!
    Yall have only heard about 1% of all rap!!!


  31. chocolatebunny2013

    all yall is the shit!!!! and I love yall’s music.


  32. jayinfamous

    soulja BOY
    leave it to tha legend 2pac..


  33. leonarde

    i love these


  34. leonarde



  35. mr. jucie

    this is a good mixtape souljia is shit me and soujia got the jucie


  36. swagg jucie mixtape

    soulja boy came hard on this mixtape jucied up swagg linein like a kickstand man soulja got all the swagg and all the jucie


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    Rodolfo Dishman

    I found a great…

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