Teyana Taylor and Bow Wow Attend ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ Premiere

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor was looking grown ‘n’ sexy in a black slit dress showing off her legs and red heels at the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family at Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome. The singer plays single mother Sabrina who works at a fast food restaurant in the latest installment in the Madea series. The movie’s other young star Bow Wow, who plays Teyana’s ex Byron, looked dapper on the red carpet in a red V-neck sweater, tie, brown pants, and navy Vans. The comedy hits theaters Friday.

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  1. rlf

    her red shoe is a little dramatic though…..


    Neickha Reply:

    @rlf, Thats the point.. It suppose to give a little pop! I like it lol.


    Billy Reply:


    I agree. She looks beautiful with her flowing curls and dramatic make-up, but combined with that slit and the shoes… it’s just a bit overdone.


  2. IAmWhoIam

    I really wish Teyana would SIT! Her music is tired and her acting is late.


  3. bri_bre

    bow wow looks like a little cutie as always and as for ms. taylor she can sing but right now i feel like she just sits on pretty like i know she’s only 20 but she been in this industry since she was 15 i would figure by now she would know what she wants to be like are you a artist, a model, or actress i mean its nice to do them all but whats your main title teyana


  4. stace face

    There is nothing that screams STAR about this girl. I’m sorry she ain’t got the “it” factor if you ask. she’s quite the bore *yawns*


    goldilocks Reply:

    @stace face,
    good thing no one asked u.


  5. @__laugh

    its funny how when one is not in that position they are quick to hate…Bow Wow looks good, as ways has, im not a MAJOR fan but you have to give credit where credit is due!! and As for Ms. Taylor, it doesnt matter if she raps, sings, models, or just sits there…her money speaks louder than your words and that’s just real IJS!! :) so on that note…i cant wait to see Madea’s Big Happy Family on the 22nd…”Byraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan”!


    Dave Reply:

    @@__laugh, *agrees*


  6. janiah012

    can’t wait to see the movie!!!


  7. JJ

    Teyana Taylor……Tipdrill


  8. EyFresh

    Teyana Taylor hope she make more music with kanye dig her!!! Bow Wizzle YMCMB!!!


  9. goldilocks

    wow @ the mario on the red carpet. random. luv him tho! Teyana looks good and bow does look adorable.


  10. Heminem

    She always looks angry.

    Anyway, good to see you mario. PS get workin with Scott Storch again!


  11. Lawrence

    B*tch is bad but unfortunately, so is her acting.


    Team Teyana Taylor , Reply:

    Idk Who The Fu*ck You Are But Teyana Did Good . Its Not Like She Really Acks Like That It Was A Role She Played And She Did Great, So You Need To Keep Your Opions To Yourself , !

    nY MoNeY $


  12. tiya

    !bowwow! looks good .and so do teyana!… love seeing beautiful #black people


  13. lilbowlover

    so fun i have a good time wacth the movie you and bow wow is the youger arter of my time


  14. nte

    T looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. ariana

    Teyana looked beautiful like always and bow wow staii fresh i loved this movie byraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.aaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaan.haha


  16. Kenisha

    I love it and I watched it 2 times…brrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaannnnnn…lol hella funny.


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