Beyoncé Gets Goofy at Disneyland Paris


With her new single “Run the World (Girls)” quickly rising up the iTunes charts, Beyoncé is savoring her last few vacation days in Paris. The singer enjoyed a fun-filled day out with her nephew Julez and his father at Disneyland Paris today. She kept a low profile, putting on a Goofy hat, sleeveless graphic tee, and shades as she wandered around the theme park with her and Jay-Z’s bodyguards in tow, but Mr. Carter was nowhere in sight.


Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Badgirl

    as she is slaying itunes =)


  2. Yeah



  3. TeamTM

    So happy that she is back,I am about to die -_-


  4. Real Issh

    My Baby <3


  5. Kyle

    She better enjoy these last few days of vacation because knowing Bee, when she drops a first single then it’s back to work for like 2-3 years. I seriously think she is a workaholic but I would be too if I could rake in 90 million a year.


    sleazy Reply:

    @Kyle, Lol. rihanna is a workaholic she hasn even taken a real break maybe she scard that reign gona let up! like the sayn goes Another year another rihanna album


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @sleazy, LMAO @another year another rihanna album. Im a fan but im fully expecting a re-release or greatest hits before 2011 ends


    maya Reply:

    @sleazy, Child please! If you consider 1000 photo shoots a work aholic then fine but she doesn’t do vocal warm ups, she doesn’t have any REAL dance rehearsal, her music is written 4 her, her music is produced 4 her, so tell me…HOW THE FUCK IS SHE A WORK AHOLIC?!


  6. Beystanbish

    Let’s see umm Número 22 on iTunes for a horrid single. Aha She gone be top ten soon Werk


  7. Beacon

    (to the tune of the Star Wars theme)

    “Bleaching, I know she’s bleaching, oh yeah she’s bleaching, she hates her past!”

    Like I said before, compare this to any of her past album covers (solo AND with DC). I rest my case.


    Drose Reply:

    @Beacon, Funny in a sad way


  8. MaZ

    Let’s make “Run the world (Girls) N°1 on ITUNES! :D


    Kyria Reply:

    #15 On itunes !


  9. MeloRockstarr

    As you can see Bey hasnt even tweeted or promoted this single but Rihanna breaks her kneck to promote her singles and Bey is already 33 on Itunes. Yall have to be pressed. Bey is back YOU WILL DEAL!


  10. music guru

    I love her!!


  11. Weeev

    funny how she tries to completely cover her face so she could not be noticed but they still know who she is lmao


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