Lil Wayne Goes to the Lake Show

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne let his hair down courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets game at Staples Center yesterday. Dressed in a BBC hoodie, camouflage shorts, and studded high-tops, the sports enthusiast intently watched as the Lakers defeated his home team. His YMCMB family Birdman and Mack Maine were close by. The crew is in town for Weezy’s “I Am Still Music” tour, which will play Staples on Friday and Anaheim on Saturday.

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  1. A-sta

    Looking fly as always..


  2. bri_bre

    omg he has so much hair and its long lol but its so cute on him i really couldnt picture him with a hair cut lol #YMCMB


  3. Weezy

    Long Hair Dont Care


    bri_bre Reply:

    @Weezy, lol ikr <3 it


  4. Joseph

    Long haiq dont count,love em


  5. Joseph

    Long hair dont count,love em


  6. ababino1977

    hey wayne you know you look good dont need people tellin u that but it is good to be reassured that your pretty so!!! tryin to get tickets to your concert on friday at the staples my hometown inglewood alwayz up to no good ya know.want to b backstage wit you if poss. love you very much dog swoo-woop business.


  7. B

    that’s baby’s real son next to him


  8. kalyee

    heyyy nice i love the LA Lakers


  9. Dahrann

    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thkans to this article.


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