Nicki Minaj Will Leave Lap Dances Behind on Britney Spears’ Tour

Nicki Minaj

Get your lap dances while they last. Nicki Minaj will be putting an end to her sexy routine once she heads out on the road with Britney Spears this summer.

The Harajuku Barbie announced that she won’t be giving out her much-talked-about lap dances following Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” tour. “This will be my last round of lap dances,” she told Power 106’s Yesi Ortiz and Felli Fel. “When I go [out] with Britney, no more lap dances.”

She also put a name to her onstage alter-ego, who has performed lap dances for Lil Wayne, Chris Paul, and Steve Nash. “The one that comes out with the lap dances on stage, I think that’s Lap Dance Nika. Let’s call her Lap Dance Nika,” she said. “Some of my fans, my Team Minaj Barbz, they’ve called me that sometimes on Twitter, so I thought it was cute, so we’ll call her Lap Dance Nika.”

Catch Lap Dance Nika’s final performances in Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Oakland, before heading to Canada for the finale on April 29. Nicki’s tour with Britney begins June 17 in Sacramento, Calif.

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  1. Kwayzee

    TEAM MINAJ !!!


  2. Lisa

    Who is that sexy guy in the picture?


    Enny Reply:

    @Lisa, You should talk about Nicky minaj Shes sexy i wish i can tell her this


  3. ChrisJR

    It kinda look like she’s holdin his dick.


  4. @OMGandrew

    Team Minaj !!!


  5. MO

    She totally has padding on.. you can see the outline.. smh..


    mara Reply:

    @MO, you are so rite but still dat bitch…


    truthfully Reply:

    @MO, at least we know its not plastic like rrraaagggggggggggeeeddddyyyy


    BitchesIsMySons Reply:

    @truthfully, So Her Butt Is Real Its Just Enhanced By Butt Pads Okay Then That Works To :)


    Dallas Champ Reply:

    @BitchesIsMySons, I Don’t know if her but is fake. Haters are quick to create false rumors. I like Nicki for her music.


    Lucy Reply:

    @truthfully, you young ass motherf..kers get a life losers


    david Reply:

    @Lucy, you is nice i love you


  6. ijayt205

    #teamminaj !!! :D Get ya tickets this will be EPIC #believethat


  7. Lucy

    we can only say thanks


  8. Joseph

    Her pussy da fatest


  9. Joseph

    Nicki da bestes


  10. Rafaiahhhh

    love dat azz on her


  11. A&M

    who don’t like dat azz on her. if you don’t u a bitch or a fag.


  12. pedro

    shes d best and she has a crazy ass tooo


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