Video: Katy Perry & Kanye West Perform ‘E.T.’ on ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry and Kanye West

Katy Perry and Kanye West brought their intergalactic smash “E.T.” to “American Idol” earlier this evening. The pop princess, dressed in futuristic garb, fronted a group of alien dancers as she performed the hit, assuming an industrial throne before bringing out ‘Ye as a special guest. Spitting his verse, Yeezy posed next to Perry in a fur-lined leather jacket over a white tee and crisp jeans. Head to outer space with the dynamic duo’s performance.


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  1. Yeah

    :/ horrible


  2. jc



    BitchesIsMySons Reply:

    @jc, Oh Yeah She Is *Sarcasm*


  3. Lawrence

    That was just awkward.. Kanye was good though.


  4. mike

    the song is the ish, but its a shame she cant sing
    she should take some voice lessons like Rihanna did


  5. sagb

    kanye looks so out of place lol..i think katy might stop beyonce or gaga from taking the #1 spot next week on the top 100


    Lisa Reply:

    @sagb, Beyonce? Really? That song won’t go to number 1, it is terrible.


  6. Banana

    Horrible, Katy sounds terrible live. IDK why Kanye was there since they basically censored his entire verse.


  7. 29ers

    i like it,i liked the song from the start anyways,katy isn’t a dancer,so why do people run over here expecting to see different.


  8. A RihYonce' Stan, lol.

    Sooo, Kanye can rap about alien sex on Idol, but Rihanna can’t perform S&M ???? Im not understanding…

    Well… They DID kinda take away his whole damn verse sooo, *shrug*


  9. Tidwelltee

    Was that Katy or just a stand in doing a bad lip sync version and robot moves? “REALLY, REALLY?” Come on!


  10. EZT777

    That was B.S. they censored Kanye’s part!!!!!! American Idol always Fuck up SHit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. ...

    I love her but she sound BAD! Her & Kanye look so stupid together, like the creativity she put in this performance though.


  12. Um.Well.Sure.

    I don’t see why people are so upset with this performance. She did good vocally, she was on key after all and she was never a dancer so I think it was good…


  13. ColeWorld

    Kanye Fugged Up His Verse! The Nigga Was Like Like Uhhh…


    Devin Reply:

    @ColeWorld, he was trying to keep it family friendly.


    DJ Reply:


    He didn’t. They censored his verse.


  14. Carrie in Austin

    Katy was GREAT tonight on A.I. I’m not sure what show any of you watched but she was excellent vocally.


  15. Tidwelltee

    Watch again and look for the Godzilla quality of voice to mouth movement. Any vocals can be considered amazing when they are recorded ahead of time and blessed with the benefits of technology.


  16. meme

    i feel the same way. she sound great. i really dnt kno wat ppl expect….whitney huston?


    maya Reply:

    @meme, so now we’re supposed to settle for non talented singers?! smh


  17. Dallas Champ

    I like this song.


  18. @Aaron121195

    i LOVE this song :)


  19. andrew

    can we all admit she sucks?


  20. Kyle

    I am surprised by some of the above comments. I actually think she sounded pretty good!! A lot better than expected. When I heard this song months ago I would’ve never thought it would become a #1 hit. But I just looked at Billboard and it’s the top airplay gainer for like a 4th consecutive week in a row. Good for her though!!


  21. Heminem

    He cant even say Probe or Ass on TV!?

    If it can play on the radio it can play on TV!


  22. Soloman

    Katy’s voice is so foreign lol


  23. Kyria

    Future #1


  24. Glam

    Katy you knw You s*ck when rihanna sings better than you! how does these chicks get recordng deals anyway?


    Bee Reply:

    @Glam, why these chicks get record deals? this is call “sucking dicks” lol


  25. MRBIG

    Her vocals weren’t that bad people…


  26. minhi

    Her vocal were okay (compared to her other performenses with E.T). She really has to train her vocal if she would like to “survive”.
    Kanye was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: I´m NOT a Katy Perry fan!


  27. fiona

    yeezy should’ve performed his first verse too..


  28. JR

    I dont understant people. Once someone gets success the haterz come out. say what u want about katy but 4 straight #1′s from the one album is fantastic. . .

    its the same with rihanna, everytime she performs live people jump in with the cant sing stuff, even though she can, stop trying to damage people with this false stuff, jeez.

    im nt a katy fan, but can you all just respect other artists


  29. maya

    She sounds terrible! I like her album “teenage dream” but she just copies 2 much. Like Cali Gurls reminds me of Fergalicious, Fireworks reminds me of xtina’s Beautiful, & ET give me gaga. Like seriously wtf? Can’t she come up w| her own ideas…


    ed Reply:

    @maya, Fergalicious? you make no sense


  30. Jordan

    Kanye you are AMAZING man.. you killed em all


  31. eurogirl

    Most of Katy Perry songs are technically very difficult to sing live. I still think she should sing much better live then this.


  32. wow...

    I don’t think she did bad….she hit all of the notes. And she held them strong. The song is simple anyways. I like Katy


  33. JHP

    Katy’s vocals were less then impressive, Kanye is the man, but he should’ve did his first verse too and the censors were lame


  34. DYME

    atleast she sings live, unlike some artists. And she sounds the same singing live and on her cd., not many artists do…


  35. Tidwelltee

    I love Katy. However, last night she should have sang live. The fact that she didn’t and people are saying she sounded bad, is embarrassing.


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