Chingy Experiences Rebirth on New Album


Chingy is done playing it safe. The St. Louis rapper is prepping the release of his fifth album No Risk, No Reward 13, touting the project as the “rebirth of Chingy” after he fell back from the music scene over the past few years.

He explained that he’s putting all his cards on the table this time around. “The album is called No Risk, No Reward 13 because if you don’t take those risks, you won’t get where you need to get in life,” he told “And the ’13’ represents rebirth. So for me, this is the rebirth of my presence as an artist, not that I’ve been dead but I’ve been musically out for the last three to four years so it’s the rebirth of Chingy.”

The album, releasing via his own record label Full Dekk/Busic Group, features collaborations with Jermaine Dupri on several club bangers as well as the romantically-minded “Can’t Leave.” With additional production from Cee-F.A.B., Jae Class, and Wysh Master, the LP will be preceded by the urban single “Paper Man” and pop-aimed “Super Hero.”

“A lot of the people I work with bring a new sound to my music. Not that I’m going to sound super different, but like on ‘Super Hero,’ that single’s more pop but it’s a universal song,” he continued.

Chingy has already shot the video for “Paper Man,” with plans to hit Vegas to lens “Super Hero” in the coming weeks. “The video is about this girl that I’m into and there’s a guy pursuing her and being a little too aggressive,” he said. “I come in there and rescue her, kind of like a superhero.”

No Risk, No Reward 13 is due in the fourth quarter of 2011.

–Steven J. Horowitz, with reporting by Rajul Punjabi

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  1. tinaye

    i love it its been a minute chingy welcome back!!! with ur fine self!! <3


  2. Carl

    So by not playing it ‘safe’ he’s going commercial? And this isn’t playing safe? Oh.



    DAWN u right he is sexy…


  4. Oh Please

    Hmmmm i don’t feel excited about this


  5. totz

    chingy go pop/sell out i dont really care so far you are making a comeback cuz its been too long mehn.

    his first 2 albums went platinum and appealed to both pop and urban so i thing superhero shud do that 4 him


  6. EbonyPearl

    N0…we have enough of this!!!! It sounds like everything else…Really why buy rap…when u can get the same music from the pop artist?


  7. Lawrence

    That song sucks. Flat.
    Where is hip hop?


  8. SAM

    I was waiting for him.


  9. Sharp Tongue

    I’ve been a fan of Chingy over the years and it’s nice to see his fine self back halleloo!!!


  10. Dough

    Sounds like a Flo Rida song.


  11. Mz Red bone

    Its real fly to me u get a %1000 precent from me and for get them haters because they mad because they not doing it like you


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