Video: Tyler, the Creator Takes a Swing as Golf Lover Thurnis Haley

Thurnis Haley

Odd Future ringmaster Tyler, the Creator becomes Thurnis Haley in a promo for his solo album Goblin, releasing May 10. In the viral video, the golf-loving member of Golf Wang opens up about his affinity for the sport.

“I’m Thurnis. I’m 53 years old and I’ve been golfing all my life. I eat golf, I sleep golf… My wife get mad ’cause all I do is golf!” he states, letting out a long laugh.

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  1. BK James



  2. hfr3

    shit too funny


  3. 29ers



  4. Heminem

    hes funny


  5. Mr Xclusive

    are these guys like a troll group? cuz there music sucks, but there funny…and weird


  6. May_Jess

    No. Tyler the Creator is the TRUTH. So is OFWGKTA.

    He/They aren’t a joke or a troll group. Legit. @Mr Xclusive. Your just not in the ‘right state of mind’ or else you’d get it.


  7. CheChilia

    I fucking love this kid.


  8. Darnelll

    I didn’t really think this was funny. He tried real hard to be funny, but it didn’t really connect for me.


    YUNG Reezy Reply:

    @Darnelll sounds like a hater…..


  9. malikMJdope

    LOL dudes a trip cant wait to hear what his album sounds like!


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