Nas Hits the Studio with Frank Ocean


Beyoncé isn’t the only one hitting the lab with Odd Future’s resident crooner Frank Ocean. The singer-songwriter recently put in studio time with Nas, revealing that he was cooking up some new material with the hip-hop veteran.

“Just played nas a song…on piano. in that moment i realized, im getting a lil better at piano. i gotta keep practicing though,” tweeted Ocean. “yea. nas. like ‘top 5 dead or alive’ nas.”

Though unclear where the collaboration will end up, Nas confirmed the duo was creating music together. “In the studio with my little n—a @frank_ocean,” he wrote.

A video for Ocean’s nostalgia, ultra cut “Songs for Women” surfaced online last week, but he denied its authenticity. “not my video,” tweeted Ocean, adding, “sorry. but that songs for women video was a fail.”

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  1. mel

    omg yes! i met nas’ fine ass last week, he was high as hell but dude is hella humble and sweet! love him!


  2. yes

    This will be dope!


  3. Mr Xclusive

    ^^^oh sh!t I’m first. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my mother, my father, my cat… i couldn;t have done this without you… also stop uploading lame nicki minaj pathetic lap dances, thank you! peace and love!!!!!


  4. Epic

    free earl


  5. The Beast

    Yes! Frank Ocean is the shit!


  6. Noringtone

    That would be epic stuff.


  7. MaZ

    Hip Hop is dead!*


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  9. maya

    I love Nas, he makes REAL music. Come back to show Rick Ross how it’s done please :)


  10. aaliyah

    I love Nas, please don’t go to anything Odd Future related. ugh

    btw that’s MY OPINION so don’t bash me for differing opinions


  11. jb

    Nas always some about him gift God special air. And good look too…


  12. Lawrence

    This mixture of musical genders can be quite epic, if it’s done well. I love Nas.


  13. Rapcut

    Nas is the greatest rapper alive i love you Nas keep the good work going hoping to do a collaboration with you soon your home boy from ninja


  14. Rapcut

    Nas your songs are ever green


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  17. reagan

    gud news i must say


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