Video: Lil Twist and Lil Wayne Perform ‘Love Affair’ at Staples Center

Lil Wayne passed the mic to his Young Money protégé Lil Twist on the “I Am Still Music” tour stop at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Mohawk-sporting rapper performed his single “Love Affair” from his upcoming debut Don’t Get It Twisted with some help from his mentor. Watch Weezy lend some brotherly advice to the teen heartthrob.

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    It’s pretty bad but respect to him for not miming as most rappers would do for their autotuned singing songs.


    dreincharacter Reply:

    utter shit.

    keep your shirt on and your mouth shut.


  2. Dallas Champ

    I don’t see him selling records.


    britt Reply:

    @Dallas Champ, neither do i


  3. jaidah

    lil wanye is the coolest


  4. jaidah

    rap star are rocking


  5. jaidah

    nicki minja rockes the barbie stuff keep rocking it girl


  6. Lexx_Janay

    i remember lil twist when he first started “do the texas twist just like this” lol but anyways this song is trash!


  7. britt

    why is lil wayne or birdman always on stage with them? let them perform alone


  8. LA

    @britt Duh? cause its lil wayne tour! SMH


  9. larry

    fuck u all the haterz


  10. Taz

    @Larry no the difference between an opinion & hating before you comment… I like the song but other may not! face it, your not getting paid to back him so…SHHH!


  11. vostfr


    [...]Video: Lil Twist and Lil Wayne Perform ‘Love Affair’ at Staples Center | HipHopCube[...]…

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