New Music: Stereotypes – ‘Lego’

Production trio Stereotypes have already laid the building blocks for their burgeoning career, helming tracks for Danity Kane, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Justin Bieber, and more. Now, the hitmakers are busting out from behind the boards with their debut track “Lego,” a snapping jam that’s gunning for summer anthem status. The slinky club banger sees the group trying to land a hottie spotted across the room.

“It’s three in the morning so where can we meet at?/ Caught a sneak peek at the club, so let me see that/ Ready for a good time, baby? Let me be that,” they rap.

Listen to the group architect the infectious joint.

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  1. Yeah

    :/ idk


  2. Phoenix_Wright

    beat hot, no doubt. reminds me of a jerking dance song, I like it


    @OMGandrew Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, i was gonna say the saaame thing


  3. hiphopfan

    this is a banger!!! hip hop has been missing this sound for awhile…feel good party, with almost a clispse sound!


  4. kani k

    i’ve never heard a song that gets old before the song’s done playing.


  5. me

    it sounds a little bit like big boi tangerine


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