Video: Game’s Son Sings Justin Bieber’s Hits

King Justice

Game’s son may be following in his dad’s showbiz footsteps. The “Red Nation” rapper posted a video of his youngest son King Justice singing Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and “Baby,” holding the mic like his pops and even mimicking some of his movements.

“I’m the Game’s son and I do everything that I want to do,” says the confident four-year-old, whose father previously co-signed the Biebs.

“I like the kid. I seen him perform. He’s a livewire. He gets it done,” Game told Rap-Up TV. “He’s another artist that breaks the color lines. I love when people come along and they do that. Everybody loves this kid and he seems like a good kid. More power to him.”

Tilt your head (or computer) sideways and see King show off his skills on the toy mic. Watch out now.

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  1. Carvaho

    way better than the game.


  2. bri_bre

    aawwee thats too cute swear when he was doing his little hand motions #very cute lol


  3. someone

    aww, he’s sweetheart



    CUTE :)


  5. R.I.P. left eye, 9 years gone today

    what a cutie pie :)


  6. Arrae

    This little boy is too adorable! :)


  7. Weeev

    this little guy is dope…i saw game with him at a starbucks in sherman oaks ..he had his other son alsoo…game were is red ????


  8. Lisa

    That is one pretty little fella, but I can’t keep up with this kid! Lol.


  9. lyfechanges

    that was sooo cute…i was in here dying laughing


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  11. Pinoy

    Hair, nose, eyes, ears like his daddy.


  12. tiffany

    cute but i don’t guess he’s happy to be here!!


  13. Rohan

    Cute! This is the first video i’ve seen on here in a while that hasn’t got a hater commenting.


  14. meme

    wat a cutie pie. too bad his dad is out there somewhere doin crap getting locked up


  15. Cleaver

    His Game #2 …


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