Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’ Makes Kelly Rowland Smile

Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has caught the Breezy bug. The “Motivation” singer recently revealed her favorite song of the moment, naming Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” as the hottest jam out right now.

“The song I have on repeat right now would probably have to be Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People.’ It’s such an amazing record,” she told ELLE TV of the F.A.M.E. single. “As soon as I hear it, I can’t stop moving. And I smile so big and it’s great when music makes you do that.”

The songstress, who is currently prepping the release of her untitled third album, also spoke on how good it feels to experiment with her sound. “I, of course, come from an urban feeling since day one with Destiny’s Child, but now, I’ve kind of opened up the sound a little bit and it has more tempo to it from dance. It feels great,” she said.

Additionally, she dished on her favorite concert experience, getting starstruck while meeting Whitney Houston, her sense of style, and more.

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  1. Yeah



  2. yoko

    just lovely! what a kindhearted woman!!! never change Ms. Kelly


  3. Julie

    Same this song gives life lol . Great job Chris


  4. Eddy

    They Look So Freaking Cute !!


  5. almostpia

    I hope she has Geronimo (a song written by CB) on her new album. TeamBreezy has been waiting since 2009 for that song to be released. Chris previewed it on ustream when he was recording songs for In My Zone mixtape.


    Neickha Reply:

    @almostpia, Me too I agree, I hope it on her C-d.


    Haters Stay Pressed!! Reply:

    @almostpia, Yaaaaasss! You beat me too it! I am dying to hear her version of the song! I wished CB had kept it for himself but I do really want to hear her version! She has a nice voice and should be able to do it justice.

    I’m really hope she puts it on the album. If she doesn’t, I might cry!


  6. Jason

    They look like siblings with how they posed.

    She’s right about Beautiful People! It came on my iPod a week ago as I was walking home & I started to dance in the street!

    It’s not even out in UK on iTunes as a single yet, & it’s already a top 5 single!!! Currently #2.

    Very European. I love how both of them do Urban tracks & pop tracks on the same album! Diversity


    Esther let Rihanna write HER OWN DAMN SONGS FOR A CHANGE. Reply:

    @Jason, love you comment


    Esther let Rihanna write HER OWN DAMN SONGS FOR A CHANGE. Reply:

    @Esther let Rihanna write HER OWN DAMN SONGS FOR A CHANGE., I mean i love your comment


  7. Jason

    Sorry I meant #2 on iTunes in the UK!


  8. ughreally

    it is an amazing song, at first people said “how can anyone like this song, it’s weird” but I always loved it. The video made it come around more


  9. lost1wons

    was all for her, but now so over her. she took way too long on this album, now the single is finally out and no promo/live performances, and top that off the album is dropping way to far away, and here comes Beyonce’s rath. And then to do Elle interview where she has the opportunity to show her creative side, she mentions a chris brown song in her reputiure? what the heck, she lacks depth. Elle just did a piece with Adele ,J. Hud, willow smith, gwen stefani where you can get a way better feel and liking for their flavors……check it out on youtube.


    Nes Reply:


    So you took the time to type this why?


  10. Nait Phoenix

    I’m glad it makes her smile. Can’t say the same for that trick in the back of the picture.


    oso_jo_ro Reply:

    @Nait Phoenix, LOL


  11. MaeMae

    Thats great I also love the song and her and Chris Brown im truly a #TeamBreezy fan -leggo-


  12. Jay

    You gotta love Kelly. And I agree, that’s one of the main songs off CB’s album that I got on repeat. It just has this really uplifting, infectious sound. Love that song


  13. Esther let Rihanna write HER OWN DAMN SONGS FOR A CHANGE.

    Well, Kelly was never a hypocrite & she’s always been honest with her opinions. She isn’t stupid, she understands what’s going on & i love her genuine unlike some people who pretend or lie so that people can like them.

    1st time i heard beautiful people, couldn’t immediately get into it cos i came from a Hip hop & RnB background. Listening to it again, a gradually became addicted. Its deep, & not cheesy like some other “inspirational songs by other artists”.

    Its easy to connect to cos Breezy writes his songs straight from his heart. He didn’t try too hard, its a message to his fans and well wishers. The song has a very deep and sincere meaning. Plus the video shows alot more. He was just having fun, no too much production=> it was simple and straight to the point.

    Funny enough its his most simple songs that shows him best. He is just a super talented kid that lost his way but has found it in a BIG WAY. Chris is a champion with anything he lays his hands on right now—> always blessed. WOW TEAMBREEZY ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE INDEED!


  14. fizzle

    I liked the the song when I first heard it but once the video came out it just glorified every aspect of the song. It just made me want to go outside & night with a bunch of friends & have innocent fun and feel like I was on top of the world.


  15. Neickha

    So sweet.


  16. Diana

    Chris & kelly make a cute couple.


  17. dirty diana

    The very first time I heard Beautful People I loveeed it. The words hit me hard. I love Beautful People


  18. love

    Anyway Chris Brown does not deserve the attention..
    Back to kelly, she seriously is the most HUMBLE, SWEETEST, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED woman in the industry..
    She has so much class…

    LAst but not least she finally has a hit in her hands Motivation is seriously doing HUGE numbers on radio…


  19. Sidney Aubry Harper

    They look cute together I think they would make a cute couple both have a nice personality smiles are so cute and their babies will turn out so gorgeous lol i love the end of the interview i would do the same just wear shoes and nothing else


  20. laura

    amazing song..agreed


  21. Naya

    What she should’ve said was “Chris Brown Wet The Bed is my favorite song at the moment” lmao but I love Beautiful People such a positive song “live your life live your life” lol


  22. Naya

    Lmfao a man and a woman pose together and all of a sudden its “they should be a couple” like really? I can’t…


  23. glennipoo1

    Wow, Finally a great crowd of people giving Chris his props. He is a very talented young man. I wish him the best and I hope and pray he continues to move forward and realizes that there are more fans than enemies out here! I think he thought he was going to have to say “Dejavu” when Robin Roberts was pressing him out on ABC. Breezy probably thought people would treat this CD the way they treated the “Graffiti” CD because of the incident and the timing! However, when you are as creative and as talented as Breezy and you have GREAT Fans and followers, YOU will never have to worry about poor sales. We love you Chris…Keep your head high and keep up the outstanding work!!! Now bring that azz to DC!! DMV(DC,MD and Virginia)…we waitin’ for ya and oh so ready for ya!!!


    tay Reply:

    @glennipoo1, yup,all that


  24. maya

    That’s my song too. I listen to it on my way to school, put me in a good mood!


  25. Lexx_Janay

    I have to admit at first i didnt like the song but all of a sudden it grew on me :)


  26. melody

    I adore Kelly and her new song Motivation is a great song. She has come a long way from Destiny Child. To address the blog. I agree Beautiful People is a wonderful song. I can’t get it out of my head.


  27. chacha

    i love Kelly she is so composed.God help her make it cos Beyonce is always waiting for kelly to release then she releases too.but God will take kelly through


  28. tiffany

    she’s right

    this is best song for now and the best video


  29. bobby London

    Breezy is killing it in the UK right now. He needs to do more shows in london.


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