Ja Rule Sounds Off on Drake and Other Singing Rappers

Ja Rule

At the height of his reign, Ja Rule took the formula of a rapper singing his own hooks to the mainstream stratosphere. With MCs like Kanye West, Drake, and Diddy making hits with the signature style, Ja doesn’t hold any hard feelings.

“Those are the biggest names in music,” he told MTV News’ Sway Calloway during “RapFix Live.” “Drake can sing, man.”

He also explained that even though he was charting with smash singles including “I’m Real (Murder Remix)” with Jennifer Lopez and “Livin’ It Up” featuring Case, he didn’t consider himself the best singer.

“I always admit it. I’m a shallow singer. But I think that’s what attracted people to what I was doing, because I made you feel like you too could do this,” he explained. “I’m not blowing Luther Vandross notes over here! You could do what I’m doing.”

His pipes may not have been stellar, but it made it more relatable to fans. “I think that’s what made it pop music. I think for the people, that’s what made it popular, that they were able to sing along with it and they weren’t intimidated by singing along to it because it was a guy that can’t sing,” he continued.

Apologizing for the omnipresent style (“I’m sorry, by the way!” he laughed), Ja was in the building to promote his upcoming albums P.ain I.s L.ove 2 and The Renaissance Project before heading off to do a two-year bid for attempted weapon possession in June.

For the rest of Ja Rule’s interview, visit MTV RapFix.

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  1. lis

    lov u JA <3


  2. Just Me

    Ja Rule is an ASS he let 50 stop him from singing to be a gangsta. And went to shit in the process, how you going to go from singing to gangsta then talk trash about others with more sense. The day Drake turns gangsta rapper he too will fail just like you ddid.


    Bianca Reply:

    @Just Me, GIRL. Did you even read the post?? He said good things about them idiot.


    HD Reply:

    @Bianca, Not everyone can read and understand at the same time!!!


  3. Lil' Nello

    Good to see Ja back in very good spirits & can’t wait for both his new albums! I’m probably 1 of the few fans of his that pretty much still stuck with him throughout everything!


    jrellamiller Reply:

    @Lil’ Nello, he came good in 04 with new york and wonderful, just did not keep up with the momentum


    Lil' Nello Reply:

    @jrellamiller, True although I liked & thought Body was a pretty dope record that should have got more spins then it did! It’s actually to bad it didn’t fair well & 1 of the many reasons The Mirror was forced to not go to retail because it had some of Ja’s best records & is a real solid album overall with tracks like Sunset, Father Forgive Me, Sing a Prayer 4 Me, Judas, etc. Speaking of Body to whatever happened a Ashley Joi cause she wasn’t that bad of a singer & was pretty damn sexy looking?


  4. mon

    ja was cold if he didnt release blood in my eye i think music would be so different today


  5. Lisa

    <3 Ja, but Nelly has been doing it since forever too and he can hold a tune singing. Nelly can sing better than Drake trying to sing on every song self.


    Kellie,R Reply:

    @Lisa, That’s is completely true Drake can’t sing for shit!


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  7. neal

    Ja rule in my opinion played a vital role in the evolution of hip hop.
    Hip hop in the late 90′s with dmx etc was labelled and characterized as gangster,jarule was able 2 do that and bring something in 4 the ladies,commercial and pop sound.unfortunately that formula was milked to death and laid the platform 4 gangsta rap(50,etc)
    .I do think he stil has an amazing voice and with the right producers could stil be relevant in todays hip hop genre…


    Ryan Reply:



  8. ZO

    Ja come bak and make real music again, You never know?


  9. S

    @ZO, Pain is Love 2 out on 28th Feb. ja’s new album


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