Video: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Judas’ on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga introduced the world to “Judas” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” debuting the controversial single for the first time on television. With a slew of backup dancers in tow, the pop provocateur led her crew through a ferociously choreographed routine, showing off her deep blue bodysuit as she sang along to the club-ready tune. Gaga threw some religious imagery into the mix, with angels playing instruments in the background. The video for “Judas” will premiere next week.

Gaga, who has been on a whirlwind tour for the past few years, will finally take a break from touring after 210 “Monster Ball” performances. In anticipation of the release of Born This Way (due May 23), she sat down with the talk show host to discuss her new album and time away from the stage.

“I think what inspired writing Born This Way, my new album, so much was that pop culture is our religion,” she said, “and through self-worship in terms of your identity and through honoring your identity and fighting for who you are every single day of your life down to your core, you can have more faith and more hope in life and in the future.”

While she’s away from her native New York City most of the time, she’s always excited to have friends come crash at her hotel rooms. But the eccentric artist, who sleeps in her stage clothes, says it comes with drawbacks. “They always call me a beauty queen disaster because I wake up and my wig’s falling off my head,” she laughed. “My mole is on the other side of my face—my fake mole, it’s not fake, it’s just surreal.”

Watch Gaga’s performance and interview below.

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  1. Dan

    pretty good


  2. Mr_Entertain3r

    I hate Lady Gaga. That’s all I’m gonna say.


  3. Romeo



  4. AFemmeFATALE

    At least she TRIED dancing this time. You could tell she was second guessing some of her moves but she really improved on them so that’s all that matters. It’s definitely no Born This Way and thats a good thing.


  5. jamie

    the dancing looks awkward…. and the cheoreography is awful, maybe she should try hiring Beyonce’s? just a thought..


    SOBEBOI Reply:



  6. rlf

    i tried to like the song


  7. Romeo

    You can tell that she’s asking LaurieAnn Gibson for some more challenging dance moves and it’s good that she’s trying. Not everybody can dance like that AND sing and sound good at the same time. So this was a good performance. Not the BEST, but definitely STILL GOOD!


  8. RAH RAH

    well…at least she looked “normal”


  9. Sharp Tongue

    Not bad the dancing seem a little crazy, but it’s GaGa.


  10. Marlon

    don’t like the song, don’t like the performance. BUT CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!


  11. Jenna



  12. ME

    Does she have a mask on or is her face deformed???


  13. ashton

    why is lady gaga lashing out at beyonce, and then stealing her dangerlously in love from the grammys ideas, with the freezing in the picture frame?


    STOP Reply:

    @ashton, only uneducated people read and believe rumors. stop trying to start drama.


  14. Well...So

    GaGa is one dirty looking chick.Something about her screams “Bathe me!”


  15. Lisa

    How can people say this is good?! She is relying way to much on the backing track!!


  16. anonymous

    did anyone notice how awkward she was sitting down? and (though Im not saying anything) it looked like she had a bulge… :^/


  17. Fa

    the most random song and performance of a pop singer I have ever seen…It is awfully cheap and the dancing was horrendous! It makes me think about the times when madonna was critisized for being average…But compared to this! ? LOL


  18. allen

    crazy chick and she is not even pretty huh bad choreography she is a hot mess


  19. EmAyDee

    Mmmm It’s like all her songs are slowly just starting to sound the same =/


  20. martin

    wtf is this shit. Isn’t this blog about rap & hip hop? get this bitch out of here.


  21. Phoenix_Wright

    I don’t like the song much but as far as performing goes she is slaying the rest one performance at a time =)


  22. Mike

    That performance was mediocre, let’s be honest. The song itself sounds dated and the choreography was a mess. Leave the fun pop music to Britney and leave the vocals to Beyonce, next!


  23. king

    rihanna and Beyonce is better than gaga by far


    Sleazy Reply:

    @king, Lol honey! rihanna has no talent what so ever! beyonce and gaga does! bt riri stl makes better music with her goat voice so yeah!


  24. Natalia

    I hate Gaga ! Beyonce is Queen !;)


  25. maya

    I fucking despise her music & that dance routine is just a hot mess but that was nice that she gave Ellen a cake & she seems like a sweetheart, I don’t hate her at all.


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