Video: M.I.A. x Swizz Beatz in the Studio

A blonde M.I.A. blazed up the studio with Swizz Beatz on 4/20. In a video taken from their recording session, Swizzy shows off ink of famed artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat and Shepard Fairey, while the “XXXO” singer brandishes a cigarette and promises to design a tattoo for him.

The super-producer told that he and M.I.A. had cooked up five to six records, which could end up on either of their upcoming albums. In addition to Swizz, Maya was recently in the lab with Chris Brown and Polow Da Don working on new tunes.

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  1. oso_jo_ro

    I love her.


  2. YES

    Can’t wait for some new music from Maya! I wonder if it’s another album or just a mixtape. The whole thing better not be with JUST mainstream producers because that would be 100% hypocritical to things she’s said in interviews many times in the past.


  3. Kolbien

    Oh yeah that good


  4. mon

    i thought u said mia x not m.i.a.??


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