Nick Cannon ‘Nervous’ About Twins’ Birth

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

With only days (or hours) remaining before Mariah Carey gives birth, Nick Cannon is anxious. The father-to-be spoke with about the impending arrival of his twins, how his wife is holding up, and his hopes for their future.

“I’m feeling good. It’s definitely a nervous feeling. I usually don’t get nervous,” Nick admits. “I’m not really used to that, but I guess when it gets down to the wire, a lot of doctors and opinions start getting involved, all you’re thinking about is I just want healthy children. We’re at that stage where that’s all that’s on my mind.”

As for Mariah, she remains strong in the final moments of her pregnancy. “She’s doing as well as you can when you’re about to give birth to two human beings, but she’s a trooper,” says Nick.

The doting husband checks in on his pregnant wife frequently. “I just keep my phones on me. I kinda check in hourly and see how she’s doing and make sure she’s rested, and just know that at any minute we gotta be at the hospital.”

Cannon, who serves as executive producer of MTV’s docu-series “Son of a Gun” and returns to host NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” this summer, won’t take too much time off from his busy schedule once his twins are born. “Initially, but not too much. I got more mouths to feed so I gotta get to work.”

And just because they’re being born into one of showbiz’s most famous families, the comedian-rapper has no desires for his offspring to follow in his footsteps. “I’d rather they do something else. I want some doctors or some astronauts,” he laughs. “We glorify the entertainment industry a little too much. It’s special, but there’s greater things to strive for.”

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  1. sleazy

    Lawd hasn she given birth yet? feels like she has been pregnant for years anyway he such good father though even though the mother is drowning in money and im sure hs got 2! hs still out workng 4 them and theY aint even broke.


  2. ThatMigrator

    Can’t wait to see the babies! All the best to Mariah & Nick :)


  3. bebe/jayfannn

    awwwww!best wishes too thm!!!


  4. Da1stMrCarey

    aww bless their lil cottony socks!!


  5. Sugar Rush

    I wish them all the best!!!!


  6. Amber

    Wish nick and Mariah the best!


  7. ...

    I was really skeptical when they got hitched, but you know what? They have one of the best relationships in Hollywood and seem to be head over heels for one another. Much respect to the both of them and as a Mariah fan for 21 out of my 23 years on this planet, I can’t wait for “dem babies” to be born.

    I love how he doesn’t want the kids to go into the entertainment industry, too. Let your kids be kids and find their own way in life.


  8. Jay

    I can’t believe Mariah Carey is about to be a Mom!? I’m really happy for them.


  9. H. James

    I’m so proud of this union. God’s blessings to the four of them.


  10. dekaylabaskin

    i lkie yur dress


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