Odd Future’s Frank Ocean Lashes Out at Cops After Arrest

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean had a run-in with the LAPD. Odd Future’s resident crooner tweeted about being arrested on Thursday night, going on a rant about an unspecified incident that landed him behind bars.

“Just got out of jail,” the singer-songwriter informed his Twitter followers. “Would like to go on record saying..fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop. frank will never speak to a cop again in his natural life. i have no respect for police.”

He expressed his frustrations toward law enforcement officials. “I swear if i weren’t sane in mind I’d throw a fuckin molotov in a cop car right now,” he vented. “Cuh had napoleon complex. and seemed really sad that he was on that lame ass bike patrol.”

Odd Future’s co-manager Kelly Clancy posted his bail in the early hours of Friday morning, but no further information was disclosed.

Ironically, Ocean plays a police officer in the video for bandmate Tyler, the Creator’s upcoming video “She,” which was shot earlier this month in Los Angeles.

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  1. Franklion

    guess the cops saw those broken hearts in yuh trunk after all frankie HA lolzz


  2. lawayne

    lmao good one


  3. Mr Xclusive

    F these guys, trash artists, throw them in jail …NEXT


    The Beast Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, f*ck them all except frank ocean. frank ocean is amazing


    and the F is for phenominal. -__- Reply:

    @Mr Xclusive, u got an avatar of lil wayne and u callin oddfuture trash. lmao.


  4. Devin

    I lost respect for Cops years ago.


  5. Yaser Lad

    I’m not even going to entertain this. Imagaine some shit goes down with someone he really loves (God Forbid) – The 5.0 are the only legal people that can help them. This shit is just out of anger I swear – people say it all the time, but when it comes down to it their always like “Call the POlice”.


  6. AAA

    Oh Frankkk… I love this guy!!!


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    Every cop is not the same grow up frank


  8. Akon Rules!

    The police are the people who stop people from being killed and save and help people each day. So its not fuck the police its fuck you frank ocean, their only doing their job. smh


  9. King Anton

    Ditto Frank!!


  10. DJ Cos The Kid

    I wasnt big on these kids til recently, they really are talented as fuck and know how to rock the fucking stage, did ya’ll see that footage from London, how many other artists you know keep it as G as that? and straight up tell security “fuck you” ?? You gotta give credit where credit is due, and all these kids got talent, from Tyler, to Frank To Earl, and Hodgy.


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