New Music: Solange – ‘Left Side Drive’


Solange digs in the crates and shares a previously unheard song with her fans. Written two years ago over Scottish duo Boards of Canada’s “Left Side Drive,” the 24-year-old singer gently coos over the electronic beat.

“It’s completely unofficial, and was just inspired by the song which i have had a deep love affair with for years,” she explained, adding, “I am a huge Boards of Canada fan, and got the chance to work with them on Sol-Angel on ‘This Bird’. Still feel honored to this day.”

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  1. Yeah



  2. ...

    Ooh, I love this. Say what you want about her career or her personal life, but Sol-Angel was a beast of an album and I love that she’s doing something different than you’d expect. Gorgeous song.


    ponyo Reply:

    @…, she is her last album is great


  3. mal



  4. KMart

    this is nice..mmm


  5. RunDaWorld-Ciara!

    sounds a lil bit like Kelly Rowland but this song is ok but not so … Good


  6. Angel in Disquise

    I like it. Solange is doing her own thing and I respect that. It’s not that commercial but that doesn’t matter. She’s slowly finding her voice, and what she’s produces has been good 2nd album onwards.


  7. Mike504

    I actually like this. I slept on Solange, but I’ve heard a few songs I like and her style is pretty cool. I might have to go and check her out on iTunes now.


  8. -_-

    umm are we listening to the same song? or is it just my head phones? this sound horriable to me(not hating b/c I loved I decided) but this drowns her voice and makes it sound bland


  9. Dallas Champ

    beautiful song & I am not a fan of her music.


  10. Lisa

    She is so amazing. Her last album was a masterpiece. I cannot wait for her next album.


  11. maya

    I’m feeling it, real smoove feel. Like that she’s not trying to be all mainstream like her sister…


  12. Ms Marley

    Are Yal CRAZY this is beautiful Solange gets overlooked so much cuz her sister is beyonce but she had and amazing album listen to her songs T.O.N.Y,I decided,or her Kanye Cover song “Fuck The Industry” get hip to more then whats on the RADIO and diff Genre and styles


  13. buddyreal

    you can always count on her vocals to be on point..indeed


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  15. LIVE_4_MUSIC



  16. ponyo

    pls don’t sleep on solange……her last album is a masterpiece…i wish she would get a little more credit


  17. Heminem

    Sounds like a Mariah Carey freestyle. Cool


  18. Drew

    Solange makes good music


  19. BOC

    Ewwwww. Sounds infinitely better without the singing.


  20. blor

    the ‘music’ itself was Boards of Canada, Solange has a good voice.


  21. kiki.

    i’m lovin this track had it in my head from last night.. can’t wait for the album.


  22. halolain

    The music is great, the vocals are just annoying & completely ruin it.


  23. ZOG

    BOC for the win!


  24. BOC FTW

    This is alright to me, her last one with BOC was muck! Didnt work for me.

    Everyone on here needs to check out boards of canada’s albums all the way back to the Twoism EP from 1995, they are amazballs!

    Bring on there next album! Its been 6 years since TCHP


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  28. -1--0--3-

    No no no no no and another NO.
    This is just raping the beautiful BoC song by repressing it to the back
    Drop the voice Bring on the noize. PURE electronix!
    ONLY make a remix when asked. This is just trying to hitchhike the BoC Flow.


  29. bebe/jayfannn



  30. Jay

    Really feelin this song. She sounds great. And her last album was mos def Grammy worthy.


  31. Me

    lol she should just open a shop and sell all the millions of flowers n gifts beyonce receives, she’ll b more successful! lol


  32. Nick

    Boards of Canada is a band with over 175,000 fans on Facebook and putting out tunes (3 albums and 5 eps) since the mid 90′s on the preeminent electronic music label Warp Records. Solange, by comparison has only 18,000 Facebook fans. Face it: Boards of Canada is more famous than Solange.

    I mean it is great that she has good taste in music while most of the attention she gets is from fans of her sisters pop music, but let’s just put things in perspective. If you don’t like the song she is singing to you are in the minority and you disagree with her.

    She basically did the same thing with the Boards of Canada track “Slow this Bird Down” with her tune “This Bird” on Sol-Angel, she sang over their tune. My guess is that she probably licensed Left Side Drive at the same time but the label cut it from the album.


  33. alltabletsIZmysons

    so under rated…beyonce is queen…but solange is the truth behind the genes…its nice to see her blossom into what she is now…almost indie…i need her to release an incredible album…i believe her next venture will be worthy…not that it isnt now…she is def on the right path direction…


  34. jb

    It looked she like found sound….


  35. bri

    man.. I love BoC :)


  36. Taimi

    Please keep trhwnoig these posts up they help tons.


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