Video: Swizz Beatz f/ Eve – ‘Everyday (Coolin’)’

Swizz Beatz

It’s showtime! Swizz Beatz drops off his black-and-white video for “Everyday (Coolin’)” featuring Eve as part of Monster Mondays. The Ruff Ryder affiliates lay down their flashy rhymes in the slick TAJ-directed visuals from Swizz’ Haute Living album. Get down to the Swizzy beat.

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  1. Yeah

    Yup Yup


  2. Kishi Chad Martin

    Swizz and Eve did their thing!


  3. andrew

    dope song, dope video
    a hit !


  4. Yeah

    cool minus Eve
    she wasn’t really doing it for me :|


  5. KMart



  6. nope

    this song is wack


  7. WonderLand19

    It’s SHOWTIME!

    The beat is CRAZY and the vid is sick, However, the lyrics to this song are not very memorable. Except the chorus with the deuces line.

    He better release the song he did with Alexandra Burke. Plus, i need a vid for that too.


  8. Bk

    First of all is that russy in the beginning ???
    secondly…swizzy does a sick beat for romans revenge and this is the best he has for himself ???
    lastly If My all time female favourite wants to even pop up on nicki’s radar she need to spend more time writing <3 Just saying


  9. AAA

    This was a hot vid, the kids were cute dancing


  10. Sharp Tongue

    Nice video but, I wanted more from Eve that’s all.


  11. $oupt!k

    d’?^b-Gr8 vdo by swizzy & eve…<3 it…


  12. Anzhens

    That scraping beat beeing louder than the vocals, not cool


  13. yana



  14. chunel

    Dope! very visual video ! Love the work of Swizz, always artistic in a good way !


  15. Adam

    WOW haven’t seen someone do the Harlem Shake in like 8yrs smh. Dope song tho


  16. From Tokyo

    Needed more Eve – she is real hip-hop, not a cartoon. You people are so obsessed with a character/gimmick that you insult people who are doing their own thing. What’s the reason for it? Anyway, glossy vid but the lyrics were weak.


  17. darius massie

    who is the wardrobe stylist for the shoot…that jacket is hot!


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