Lil Wayne Crafts ‘Carter IV’ Single with Jim Jonsin, Pitbull

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is having another sweet craving. After the success of “Lollipop,” the YMCMB rapper has reteamed with producer Jim Jonsin for a successor to his chart-topping smash.

In an exclusive interview with, Jonsin reveals that he produced what will likely be the next single from Tha Carter IV, due June 21. “It’s got similarities to ‘Lollipop,’” says the hitmaker. “It’s just a little slower and it has similar sounds in it, so people may relate it to the step-brother of ‘Lollipop.’ It’s also [got] completely different melodies and chords.”

He shared two potential titles for the song, which are “Blows My Brains” and “She’s Always in My Head.”

Pitbull also contributed to the record, but it’s uncertain if he’ll appear on the final version. “Pitbull help me write the song,” adds Jonsin. “He has a verse and he did like a B-section on there, but I’m not sure if Wayne and Pit have agreed to keep him on there or what.”

In addition to Weezy, the super-producer is in talks to produce for Drake’s sophomore album Take Care and has his sights set on Nicki Minaj’s next project.

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  1. werty95

    DROP IT THEN!!!! There’s like no advertising for it…. We need a new single!


  2. Lisa

    I need the new album NOW!


  3. Ashhab

    waiting sucks…..


  4. Drose

    Pls no pitbull!


  5. Zoee Saldanaa Boatman

    I makee it rain , likee a rain forest !


  6. Sharp Tongue

    I can’t wait any longer hurry up Wayne lol.


  7. Lil Jucka

    pleasee no Pitbull on the album not even the single pit Sucks! …
    Please Wayne do not agree


  8. Abdullah



  9. JHP

    Hope he drops it, it tops the charts, and and he’ll finally put the damn album out! And no Pitbull. I like him (no homo) but Wayne’s a far superior rapper, Pit wld prolly ruin the song


  10. poisoni

    please, don’t get on drake’s album. taht will only give drake that commercial jim jonsin sound that is very unoriginal. please drake don’t give in and start sounding just like everyone else… you rapping over 40 & boi-1da beats is how it needs to stay.


    Will Reply:

    @poisoni, AGREED


  11. Heminem

    Jim Jonsin is dope.

    Wayne you need to drop a big single now if you want CIV to debut to more than 600k

    In other news 6’7″ has sold 2m in the US


  12. Kadafi_213

    i dont understand 6’7′ sounds like a millie now the next single going to sound like Lollipop what wyane trying to follow the carter III ways i want a original album with new producers and stuff fck it


  13. Slim Soulja

    eminem’s there too..fall from grace!!…


  14. wesscoast vet

    shit gonn flop like 6 whatever…All them singles will flop and finally, people will see this bafoon has no talent.


  15. Sean Izzle

    please!…. no Pitbull!!!, thats not right for Tha Carter IV or Lil Wayne for that matter

    Whoa Kemosabe!!!!!!!

    Cory Gunz wack, put on for Curren$y on Tha Carter IV



    Plz no damn pitbull he’s annoying bruh serious..


  17. weezyfbabyymcmb

    not sure but I think it went out go on it’s called How To Love


  18. Anonymous

    [...] I think he will sold more than Lady Gaga if he will put out the hit like a "Lollipop" || Lil Wayne Crafts ‘Carter IV’ Single with Jim Jonsin, Pitbull Reply With Quote [...]

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