Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Announce Twins’ Names

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

The latest additions to the Carey-Cannon household now have names. Mariah and Nick have revealed what they’ll be calling their newborn twins.

The couple’s son is named Moroccan Scott Cannon, reports CNN. The top floor of Mariah’s New York City penthouse is called the Moroccan Room because of its Moroccan-inspired decor, and is where Nick proposed to his wife. Scott is Nick’s middle name, as well as his grandmother’s maiden name.

Their daughter will go by the name of Monroe Cannon in honor of Marilyn Monroe, who has been a lifelong inspiration to the pop songbird. She even purchased the late actress’ white piano at an auction. Mariah’s publicist says the girl does not have a middle name because Mariah herself does not have one.

The twins were born on Saturday in Los Angeles. “They are the most incredible gifts we could ever have imagined!” tweeted the new mom.

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  1. zamzam



    Do those kids look like a joke to them? :/


  2. Trac-E

    Cute love them … M & M ;)


  3. Fan Ov A Fan

    no comment about the boys name “/
    but the girls name sound ok
    they could of gave them better names but ahh well
    its their decision


  4. ThatMigrator

    Love them! Totally unexpected :)
    I wish the Cannons eternal health and happiness.


  5. thadundun

    i would buy an album with the name Monroe on it in a heartbeat! smart thinking ;]


  6. bri_bre

    lmao i get the “mc” traditions but that boy is gonna hurt his parents when he gets older lol jk but you know as he gets older he might go with the nickname scott or roc idk thats my guess ..and the girl name is cute but look yall either way i have a feeling these babys are gonna get older and be famous so i can understand the names being so extra and look at there mommy she’s a diva so lets not act surprised


  7. Romeo

    I think the names are very Mariah Carey-esque, I mean what would you expect from her? The names are wonderful and keep the tradition of MC and besides both names have a certain element to the them that are special to the two.


  8. AnkKA

    o_0 I guess it could have been worse?!


  9. p

    i like the girls name, not so sure about the boys :|


  10. DJ

    I knew the names where going to “different” from everybody else, so I like. I don’t like followers.


  11. uche

    sons name morrocan, daughters name monroe…..both name starts with m. m and m= eminem..


    m&m Reply:

    RIGHT,the M&M[Eminem] twins.i guess they thought about it and were like what the hell,it means something to us[marriage proposal,me being a fan of Manroe-the good part and oh that guy i made a song about-the bad part].
    LOL but in all,Congrats to them and many blessings.


  12. EmsFaveFan



  13. NikkiIsChillin

    Cool. I’m happy for Nick and Mariah. Blessings to the new family!


  14. Jacob

    Personally, I like the names. I can imagine the twins in 20 years time. Moroccan Scott Cannon – big moviestar, Monroe Cannon – Singer. Yes, me likey. I mean what did some people expect? Jack and Jill?


  15. nymo

    her name is considerable, but hes name O_x. poor boy at school, well hes rich, anyways congratulations to them and blessings.


  16. Reece Fernando

    Love the names!!!


  17. Dallas Champ

    Great names for their twins. I find it amazing after all of theses years, people are still naming their babies after Marilyn Monroe. She’s a true ICON.


  18. Sanna

    i was sure their names would be rainbow, butterfly ;)
    she could haved named the girl mimi though.


  19. D

    I love MC but those names are weird. Oh well, the point is that she has 2 healthy kids….at least she didn’t name em’ Rainbow & Daydream. Lol


  20. Lexx_Janay

    I dont like the names…just my opinion


  21. Name Here

    marilyan monroe=singer/actress
    well idk ..this what happaned to will and jada’s kids


  22. Heminem

    Dont know about Morrocan but I like Monroe


  23. c

    Roc for short everyone..or Mo or rocan. i thiink its dope.


  24. B,

    are all children going to be named after countries and places?! looll…first we have gwen stefani with kingston, alicia keys with egypt and now morrocan


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @B,, you made me LOL. I love the girls name. Proper Hollywood but the boy’s? Lawd help him. Although Roc as a nickname sounds cool


    B, Reply:

    @Whatcha_Sayin, LOOLL Yes you’re right. The girls name is nice but the boy :S :/ im doubting. Moroccan:S Like whats happening to the world with the random weird names that are similar to countries and places? LOOOL


  25. From Tokyo



  26. HOTTIE

    what the hell kind of names are those ! ! ! ! ! !


  27. Life

    Cant please everybody!


  28. davyd69

    poor kids what the hell with those names ??


  29. dekaylabaskin

    all twins and i love the names


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