New Music: JoiStaRR – ‘October’


Summer may be just around the corner, but JoiStaRR is making it feel like “October” on a new song from her forthcoming mixtape Broccoli & Noodles. The talented R&B singer-songwriter, who toured overseas with Kanye West and has written for Brandy and Mario, showcases her alternative sound over a menacing bassline and dark, driving rhythms from producer Mars. The entire mixtape will be available for download on May 17.

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  1. Joseph McCoy



  2. Gworl

    Who is this?

    And Olivia was just singing December,are flops/unknown ppl singing month names now? 0_o


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    its kind of cool

    @gworl, do like Aaliyah and “try again” cause that joke was wack


  4. buddyreal

    its amazing how i hear this and feel as if im in the studio with her. buddy digs this beat, like a shevel. yet some post on here are completely repulsive. #crazyworld


  5. JCByrd3

    This song is FIRE! Love her voice.

    Also love how Gworl comments BEFORE listening to song… (sarcasm).


  6. tracy

    her voice…im not feeling it..some writers and BG singers dont translate as stars but this track is FIRE! MARS is the shit!


  7. larrysean

    I love this woman!!!! And @tracy shut the fuck up who are you to say who “translate” this shit go hard all you can do is “comment” and hope that shit “translate” at least this bitch on her shit. Bitch hatin on bitches gotta stop!


  8. Aisha

    I love Joistarr I can’t wait til she in concert all over the world!


  9. Aisha

    And if you read these comments don’t pay attention to Gworl or Tracy they just haters!


  10. nate

    Joseph mcoy, gworl , and tracy are bitches this shit is fuckin amazing


  11. Ashley

    If ya’ll ever been to a Kanye concert and heard that real distinct background singer, especially on Roses and Hey Mama, thats JoiStaRR. Follow that pretty ass voice @JoiStaRR


  12. Dave

    She sounds like Dawn/Brandy. But her voice doesn’t really have any variation in this song. It’s just low the whole time. It doesn’t interest or entice me, & the song is a snore.


  13. Mike

    Not sure what y’all are hearing but Joi is dope. She does have some similarities to Brandy vocally, but thats not a bad thing. Looking forward to her project.


  14. the Dramatikan

    lol uhm i’d like to hear Dawn, Brandy and Joi together on a track ^__^


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