Alicia Keys Dedicates Song to Mother on New Album

Alicia Keys and Terri Augello

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Alicia Keys is expressing her gratitude to the most important woman in her life. The “Fallin’” songstress has penned a song for her mother Terri Augello on her forthcoming album.

“In the past, I’ve written mostly from my own perspective. But I just wrote a song for my next album that was inspired by a conversation I had with a man who was expressing how indebted he feels to God,” Alicia told Essence magazine. “He said, ‘I owe God.’ Now, what an interesting thought. And as much as I believe in God, for me that translated into how much I owe my mother for who I am. So I went home and I wrote ‘I Owe You.’ It’s dedicated to her.”

The 30-year-old is in a new space following her marriage to Swizz Beatz and the birth of the couple’s son Egypt. “I was very closed for a long time. But I feel so open now,” she added. “To feel open like this means you’ve found the center in yourself. You’re not hiding; you’re not worried about anything. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

Her longtime producing partner Kerry “Krucial” Brothers has been in the studio with the new mom working on her as-yet-untitled project. “The writing is the same,” he told “The only thing changed is the schedule. We leave earlier now. No more to-the-crack-of-dawn stuff—at least not for now.”

Before her new album arrives, Alicia will release a 10th anniversary edition of her groundbreaking debut songs in A minor on June 28 and host the 3rd Annual Keep a Child Alive Black Ball in London on June 15 with co-host Mark Ronson, plus a performance from Tinie Tempah.

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  1. Michelle

    Can’t wait to hear this :D

    Oh and I’m buying that 10th Anniversary edition of Songs In A Minor. I used to borrow my friend’s copy back in the day and I remember loving that CD. <3


  2. DeeJay

    I can’t wait for these album to come out, and the movie she co-directed for Lifetime. And when are they going to show Egypt.

    Sidecomment: She learned to love herself, and not caring what people think about u. That the greatest lesson learned, it took me years to learn that.






  4. Jormarcus

    WowNice I cant wait for all of it it gone be unbelievable….

    L oveyou alicia


  5. gladis

    I love how she expresses her love for GOD! yes! i love She and Beyonce for that!


  6. @RonaldRanier

    You can’t help but love Alicia.


  7. truthfully

    yuck oooogly


  8. anita

    A song for mom? That is so sweet. Can’t wait to hear it. Gotta love this lady.


  9. JB

    Hmm…I didn’t know that her mom was white…thought it was her dad.

    Anyways, that’s sweet…


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